Due to the shortage of supply and demand in the sales market of Portsmouth, Harwin has expanded the range of gecko SL (screw Lok) products, which has won many honors, to include horizontal male connector. The gecko product line, which has been successful in the sales market, has long been loved by many technical engineers and can provide a more compact and lightweight solution than the traditional micro-d connector.

The horizontal connector is much more compact and convenient than the micro-d connector

If the male through board connector is set at 90 ° angle with PCB, it can provide better circuit board layout coordination ability to maximize the space on the circuit board. In this way, the connector can be placed on the edge of the PCB, and the wires can be laid horizontally on both sides of the PCB stack.

An important application benefiting from this kind of connection is cubesats. Many of the design schemes must involve a series of PCBs in the aggregate stack, and all the cables must go to the outer space of the stack. In the design of avionics products (especially in the design of drones), large communication satellites, national defense (such as radar detection and portable communication equipment), intelligent robots and sports cars, there are similar narrow space restrictions.

Horizontal connectors can also be used with female PCB connectors to provide motherboard / daughter board settings, or to replace modular PCBs or large machine equipment systems.

Harwin’s horizontal gecko SL connector is equipped with a stainless steel screen lows, which is designed to “mate before lock” for easy application. Before tightening the screws, the connector only needs to be fully pushed. The technical engineer can select the specification screen Lok (including the joint screw on the female connector) with board installation or fixed in the opposite direction (including the joint screw on the male connector). The number of pins is completely matched with other products of gecko SL series, which can provide 6 to 50 contacts.

According to the regulations of high reliability of Harwin connector, this new level component has the firmness leading in the industry. Gecko SL’s operating temperature range is – 65 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃. It has strong anti vibration (20g at 2KHz for 6 consecutive hours) and shock resistance (up to 100g). Moreover, its exhaust volume is very small, meeting the requirements of NASA and ESA. The rated current is set to a maximum of 2.8A for a single contact, and 2a for each contact if all contacts are loaded.


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