On the 14th, the Singapore government began to distribute free “joint efforts tracking” portable anti epidemic devices to 5 million residents to help the government more effectively carry out the contact tracking work of new crown cases. The device is similar to the mobile app of the same name, which was launched in March this year, and can help the Singapore government track people’s movements between communities quickly and accurately.

The government of Singapore has distributed free portable anti epidemic devices to 5 million residents

According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported on the 15th that garambusha and Tanjung Bagh, as areas with a high concentration of elderly people, took the lead in releasing the anti epidemic device to record their whereabouts on the 14th. Residents only need to show their ID cards to get an anti epidemic device. The staff will mark the name of the user on the device. The process takes only a few minutes, which is convenient and fast.

Lin Dexian, the first local resident to receive the device, said in an interview, “although I’ve always used the ‘joint tracking’ app, I’m worried that my mobile phone is out of power. This device is not only easy to carry, but also a guarantee. ” Li Yuxian, a 92 year old resident of Keran besha, has been unable to use the “Heli tracking” app because he does not have a smartphone. “Even if I have a smartphone, I don’t know how to install apps,” she said, who received the device on the 14th. And this epidemic preventer, just take it with you, and it will be once and for all. “

Foreign minister vivin, who is in charge of Singapore’s “smart country” program, said on the spot on the 14th that the previous “joint efforts tracking” mobile phone application was not suitable for everyone, so the government has launched a portable anti epidemic device. “The design of the device is very simple, and the cost of making it is reasonable. Each device is less than S $10 (SGD 1 is about RMB 5). The battery inside can last for nine months to a year, so it is easy to carry,” he said

Singapore’s “8 vision news” reported on the 15th that the “Heli tracking” portable device is a digital tracking function to assist the “helix tracking” application, providing a layer of protection for more Singaporean residents, especially those who do not have smart phones or are unwilling to use mobile phones. Similar to the “resultant force tracking” application, the portable device records the data of the portable device in close contact with the Bluetooth signal to confirm the people the user has contacted, so as to achieve the tracking effect. The encrypted data will be stored in the portable device and can only be read by the Ministry of health with the user’s consent.

Uighur reiterated on the 14th that the Bluetooth technology used in the “joint tracking” system will not cause problems to users’ privacy. Lianhe Zaobao said the portable anti epidemic device is not a tracker, not to mention the electronic shackles that some online commentators are worried about. The portable device is neither equipped with GPS chip, it can not track the user’s geographical location or whereabouts, nor has the function of connecting to the Internet or mobile communication network. Therefore, the Bluetooth close contact data collected by the portable device can not be leaked without the user’s permission.

According to the reporter of the global times, the portable device will always be on after being collected and cannot be turned off. Under normal operation, the indicator light of the portable device will flash green, about once a minute. The government does not force but strongly recommends that users carry portable devices with them to protect their own safety and that of others. When going out, the portable device can be put in the bag or tied on the rope and hung around the neck.


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