On December 28, according to foreign media reports, IDC, a market research company, released the global quarterly wearable device tracking report. In the third quarter of 2019, Apple’s wearable device shipment volume reached 29.5 million, accounting for the first place in the global total shipment volume, with a year-on-year growth of 195.5% and a market share of 35%.

The global wearable device market has great development potential, and apple leads the market

Among them, airpods may be the biggest driving force. Previously, wedbush securities has increased the annual shipment of airpods this year to more than 65 million units, and predicted that the shipment of airpods in 2020 will be up to 90 million units. According to the estimated data of wedbush securities, during the Black Friday and online shopping Monday, the sales volume of air pods may exceed 3 million units.

In the global wearable device market, Apple has occupied the first place in the shipment volume for a long time, and its market share is also far ahead. Therefore, such data can be said to have been expected for a long time. In the past quarter, Apple’s iPhone sales decreased from $36.8 billion in the previous year to $33.4 billion, while wearable devices, home devices and accessories (composed of Apple watch, airpods, beats, homepod and Apple TV Group) generated 65.5 billion It’s a 54% increase in revenue.

At present, the global wearable device market still has great development potential. In the third quarter, the shipment volume increased by 94.6% compared with the same period last year. At the same time, the competition is more fierce. Besides apple, other major companies also maintain high-speed growth. Although Apple may still maintain its own independent position in the next period of time, it has to be said that it needs to be more cautious in its development to stay ahead.

The difference between the first generation and the second generation.

Wireless charging box

One of the main changes in the update of airpods is that it is equipped with Qi wireless charging box. In addition to the wireless charging box which can charge airpods wirelessly, the charging box can charge wirelessly wherever there is a charger conforming to Qi standard (of course, it can also use the lightning interface). Some third-party businesses have provided wireless charging solutions for the first generation of airpods, but obviously this has also brought additional costs.

Apple sells new airpods with wireless charging boxes. In addition, we can also buy a new wireless charging box separately at 679 yuan. A small change in the appearance of the wireless charging box is that the LED indicator has moved from the inside to the outside.

Battery life

The new air pods with wireless charging box and the air pods with charging box both extend the battery life, and the talk time is increased by 50% compared with the first generation of air pods.

Function and performance

In addition to the new wireless charging box, the second generation of airpods also provides an improved H1 chip, which is an improvement compared with the W1 chip of the first generation of airpods. In addition to helping to extend the call time by 50%, H1 chip “can reduce the game delay by 30%.” The new airpods connect calls 1.5 times faster, and the switchgears 2 times faster.

The new airpods can offer custom engraving services, but they may arrive later than orders without engraving.

With regard to anti perspiration / waterproof, the new airpods do not seem to make any improvement or change, which means that they may be in good condition during daily exercise or light rain, but they do not have waterproof function.

The second generation of airpods is only compatible with IOS 12.2, watchos 5.2 and MacOS 10.4.4 and higher.

Airpods 2 has high efficiency and endurance, but…?

From the functional point of view, the biggest feature of airpods 2 is that it can call Siri, the voice secretary. Users can call “Siri” by voice even if they put their hands in their pockets. Siri can directly answer the weather, time, exchange rate and other information in the headset. The disadvantage is that users may feel ashamed if they need to use the function in a crowded place. This part of consideration has also become a stumbling block in the promotion of airpods 2.

In the performance part, although the H1 earphone chip should increase the response speed of the earphone, “money” pointed out in the report that the response speed of the airpods 2 is not particularly fast. When the user puts the airpods 2 into the ear, like the first generation, he still has to wait 1-2 seconds to hear the connection prompt. The same is true for the sound quality. Because the sound performance of open headphones is flat, people who like the bass effect may be disgusted with the product.

However, the battery life of the second generation is indeed better. After the first generation has a continuous call for about one hour and 20 minutes, it will start to sound the tone of insufficient power. However, the second generation still has more than 20% power even if it has a continuous call for one and a half hours. If only music is played, both products can last about 4 hours.

Which is better, the first generation or the second generation?

So is airpods 2 worth buying? Money suggests that consumers who have not bought airpods are suitable for the second generation, but if they already have the first generation, they do not need to upgrade to airpods 2.

If it is difficult to choose between the first generation and the second generation, you can consider your own needs first. The second generation of airpods is listed, and the price of the first generation of airpods is reduced, which has the advantage of being cheap. If users do not need wireless charging and voice secretary, they can consider buying the first generation of airpods. However, if they need to use headphones, wireless charging and other functions for a long time, airpods 2 will be more suitable.

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