On September 13, 2022, the leading semiconductor components distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market — Dalian General Holdings announced

Its subsidiary World Peace has launched a 4KW 650V industrial motor drive solution based on Onsemi’s NFAM5065L4B intelligent power integrated module (IPM).

Figure 1 – The display board of the 4KW 650V industrial motor drive solution based on onsemi products

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology and the acceleration of Industry 4.0, the demand for motors in the industrial market is increasing day by day. According to the survey of relevant agencies, the power consumption of the motor is about 50% of the global power supply. This is an urgent problem to be solved under the unified strategic goal of energy conservation and emission reduction and the realization of “dual carbon”. In order to improve the operating efficiency of the motor and reduce energy loss, Dalian World Peace has launched a 4KW 650V industrial motor drive solution based on onsemi products, which can provide an ideal choice for designing high-efficiency and low-power industrial motor drives.

The NFAM5065L4B intelligent power module adopted in this solution provides a full-featured, high-performance inverter output platform for AC induction, DC brushless and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Its fully integrated inverter power module consists of an independent high-side gate driver, LVIC, 6 IGBTs and a temperature sensor (VTS or thermistor (T)). The 6 IGBTs are in a three-phase bridge configuration, and the lower section has an independent emitter connection pin. This design has greater flexibility in selecting control algorithms. And its built-in high-speed HVIC only requires a single power supply voltage, and converts the incoming logic level gate input into a high-voltage, high-current drive signal, so that the built-in IGBT of the module can be normally driven.

Figure 3 – Block diagram of the 4KW 650V industrial motor drive solution based on onsemi products

In addition, this solution also uses onsemi’s DC-DC converter, auxiliary power PWM IC, OPA & LDO and other components, with current detection circuit and circuit protection function, which can accelerate engineers’ ability to achieve both high efficiency and low power consumption. development of the motor drive.

▌Core technical advantages

Inverter technology of NFAM5065L4B Intelligent Power Module (IPM):

The NFAM5065L4B IPM module, is a fully integrated power stage for a three-phase motor driver, including six IGBT drivers with reverse diodes, independent high-side Hi-Side gates (Gates), LVICs and temperature sensors (VTS). The three-phase three-arm IGBT has an independent emitter connection pin on the lower arm, which is convenient for R&D engineers to design the current detection circuit.

Protection Function:

The protection functions in the system include: UVP Lock-out under-voltage lockout, 21A over-current over-current protection provided by an external comparator (OPA) circuit, R&D engineers can adjust the over-current protection point through an external resistor divider, and finally pass the CIN The pin informs the MCU to trigger the protection.

High Efficiency Auxiliary Power Supply and DC-DC Converter:

In this development board, the DC-Link is provided by an external power supply, and the NCP1063 PWM IC constitutes a high-efficiency auxiliary power supply, which provides 15Vdc for the IPM operation. In addition, the 5Vdc and 3.3Vdc voltages required by the operational amplifier and the overcurrent protection comparator are provided by the FAN8303 DC-DC converter IC and the NCP718 LDO.

Current detection circuit:

The onsemi NCS2250 high-speed comparator and NCS20166 high-precision low-offset operational amplifier cooperate with the NCD98011 UCB ADC analog-to-digital conversion module to provide an overall resolution of 0.016A/bit and a phase current detection range of ±16.5A.

▌Program Specifications

Input voltage: 200V-400Vdc (maximum allowable 410Vdc);

Output power: 1KW (continuous operation mode) or 4KW (maximum 15 minutes operation time) (room temperature Ta=+25°C);

Output current: ±2.5Arms /1KW (IPM single arm);

Efficiency: 95% (1KW), 96.2% (4KW).

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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