According to the survey, as early as 2015, the market scale of portable medical equipment in China has reached 1.19 billion yuan. With the rapid development of intelligent terminals and mobile Internet, the demand for intelligent medical and health equipment, the growing number of people and increasing medical and health expenditure have become an important driving force for the purchase of medical and health equipment.

“Healthy China 2030” program points out that to promote the construction of healthy China, we should adhere to prevention first, promote healthy and civilized lifestyle, create a green and safe healthy environment, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

The introduction of the policy, along with the enhancement of national health awareness, coupled with the serious phenomenon of aging society and empty nesters, as well as the rapid development of big data and cloud services, will further promote the development of mobile medical and related intelligent hardware.

Population distribution of intelligent medical health detection equipment

Women of childbearing age: pay attention to physiological cycle management and beauty and slimming, high acceptance of intelligent products, core users of thermometer, skin detector and health scale.

Pregnant women: pay attention to the fetus and their own health, easy to suffer from pregnancy disease, the product demand is blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, fetal heart rate meter, health scale.

Chronic patients: large user base, strong demand, mainly concentrated in blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, heart rate meter and other aspects.

Infant and child: intelligent thermometer is the main demand, which can continuously monitor the body temperature, and has automatic warning function, which is in line with the ergonomic design and reduces the foreign body feeling when wearing.

The elderly: the aging and empty nest elderly phenomenon is serious, the elderly market is huge, the main demand is sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, heart rate electrocardiograph, sleep monitoring, etc., more need regular reminder, remote monitoring function.

Adults: generally facing the threat of sub-health and overweight; younger users of chronic diseases; high acceptance of intelligent products. Therefore, the health scale, blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter need more.

Piper medical health intelligent detection equipment will collect the user’s personal sign data, and automatically match the user’s basic data with the disease database, virus database and other databases by receiving, storing and analyzing the user’s basic data. Through two major business systems: Piper intelligent health detection and management visualization system to provide health services for users.

Future trend of intelligent medical health detection equipment

Accuracy: the technical barrier of medical detection is reduced, and the accuracy of home intelligent blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, thermometer and other equipment will gradually meet the requirements of medical level.

Convenience: the operation of the product will be more convenient, the operation mode tends to be traditional equipment, the learning cost is low, and the elderly can use it barrier free.

Rich: on the one hand, more medical tests can be completed at home, such as urine routine and blood routine; on the other hand, health big data services will be more professional and rich in content.

Integration: most of the existing devices belong to single detection, and users need to use various devices to detect multiple indicators. In the future, the devices will integrate multiple sensors to detect multiple indicators at the same time.

Wearability: in the future, the product form will tend to be convenient and comfortable to wear for a long time. When users wear the product, the data will be automatically detected, recorded and uploaded to the cloud.

According to the authoritative survey of China information and Communication Research Institute, when consumers buy portable intelligent devices, function is the main factor to be considered. More than 80% of consumers pay attention to the function of the product when they buy smart portable devices. Secondly, consumers will consider the price and appearance. In the long run, intelligent medical health detection equipment is bound to become a necessity of our life.

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