5g will be fully connected to the world by 2020 since its launch in 2018. This is a new stage of Internet development. VR, AR, consumer cloud computing, smart city, Internet of things, automobile and other application networks and telemedicine will come. This will bring new growth opportunities, accelerate the digital transformation of economy and society, and build an interconnected world.

In January this year, “the world’s first remote animal experiment” was successfully implemented in China. Liu Rong, from Beijing 301 Hospital, Southeast Joint Research Institute, Changle District, Fuzhou, performed hepatectomy on pigs in Mengchao Gandan hospital, Fujian Medical University. He remotely controlled the pliers robot and electrosurgical robot 50 kilometers away, and the coordination of remote operation was almost synchronous. 5g realizes the comprehensive upgrade of remote operation. The network layer meets the real-time, stable and efficient needs of medical treatment to a certain extent.

The future development of the medical industry will be inseparable from 5g

Doctors can quickly access image information, determine treatment plans, conduct remote surgery, more effectively provide intelligent medical services, and remote monitoring of cases and medical images. Through remote diagnosis, we can quickly capture the patient’s condition, sports activity frequency, electronic medical record, medical image and other electronic medical data. Under 5g technology, the expansion of software and hardware intelligent product functions can further deepen medical data, so as to make better strategic decisions and reasonably allocate medical resources.

In addition, the big data product portfolio enables patients, doctors and departments to interact and update electronic processes in a timely manner. With the promotion of major medical reform, intelligent medicine will expand from multiple angles to form a huge scalar medical Internet of things ecosystem. We are in the era of integration of digital virtual world and real world, which may release unlimited creative imagination and human ability to use data, and there may be subversive changes.

The development of games is closely related to this technology. For example, apple opened the era of touching angry birds, fruit ninjas and so on. These games are innovative products developed based on the hardware and computing power of the times. In the 5g era, VR has higher requirements for data transmission, and the blasting cycle may be longer. As a low-lying fruit, AR will become a popular form in the future.

The magic baby game has received global popularity. In the era of 5g popularity, the complexity and interest of the game characters will become stronger. For example, future elves can play hide and seek with players. They can climb trees, hide behind chairs or hide in buildings. The fast network also allows players to form teams to participate in AR games. The transmission of 360 degree camera is adopted, even through the on-site 5g mobile phone experience.

The future development of the medical industry will be inseparable from 5g

5g real-time high-speed and ultra-high-speed transmission can support this experience. We are experiencing a change that will lead people to change their view of the past. This life experience may take place in the 5g era in the future. In other aspects, we will have a higher visual experience. For example, if you can listen to the concert in the future, if you can’t buy tickets or don’t want to go to the scene, but want to enjoy the audio-visual enjoyment on the spot, you can choose to buy virtual tickets, wear virtual helmets at home and experience the feeling of being on the spot.

As early as the 2004 Film “I, robot”, the Audi RSQ concept car was completely driverless. It was a meaningless concept in the past, and now we can enter the era of unmanned driving with 5g.

In vehicle Internet technology, unmanned drivers are divided into six levels “0-5” according to the level (SAE). From the two-level semi-automatic driving, the vehicle will interact with the Internet and judge the road conditions through the Internet. Realizing the five-level total unmanned driving requires more accurate map positioning, more complex calculation, a large number of efficient data transmission and road infrastructure construction, all of which need 5g network as the foundation, and large-scale unmanned driving is inseparable.

5g is the next generation wireless Internet, which constructs the basic platform for the interconnection of all things. All technologies can promote each other through this platform, improve interaction efficiency and realize new application scenarios.

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