With the rising of the dawn of the new century, knowledge, as the driving force of economic development, has become an indisputable fact. With the advent of digital and information age, people’s demand for education is increasing. As a new educational mode, modern distance education can make the best use of the existing educational resources. It is a new educational form and an inevitable way to realize the popularization, modernization, lifelong and internationalization of higher education. It promotes the gradual development of Modern Distance Education in China. Therefore, the eagle eye guard “distance education and invigilation video system”, in order to establish a digital wireless video based city distance education and invigilation video system.

The functional characteristics and application analysis of distance education and invigilator video system

Demand analysis: this project takes the security room as the monitoring center, and designs a monitoring digital camera in the classroom of the school; it can fully deploy the video monitoring points of the school, and can monitor the whole school in real time in the monitoring center; And through a simple internet access network, leaders at all levels can also use desktop office PC to quickly, intuitively and accurately understand the basic education situation.

1, local security – like traditional video monitor system, can realize real-time monitoring, multi screen monitoring, video recording and simultaneous interpreting.

2. Remote monitoring – this is the traditional monitoring can not be achieved, the system can be on the same PC, while the real-time monitoring of different schools of video points.

3. Sub control center – distributed monitoring center, fully using the desktop PC of school leaders to achieve, saving equipment investment.

4. Centralized invigilation – remote intelligent transmission of scattered examination sites to remote invigilation monitoring server, forming a remote centralized invigilation system.

5. Simple construction and networking – eagle eye guard series products transmit video signals through twisted pair (CAT5), so it does not need to pull a traditional coaxial cable to the monitoring center, just need twisted pair to the nearby switch, greatly reducing the construction materials and workload.

6. Scalability – the system has the characteristics of open expansion, and can be used for tens of thousands of camera points.

7. Cost reduction – to complete the same video point, the system is much cheaper than the traditional or hard disk video recorder system.

Eagle eye guard remote monitoring system provides users with easy-to-use and effective functions, technical features and functions

main features

·Unique video preview masking function

At the beginning of the examination, the system provides video preview / video masking function, which can mask some video images that need to be kept secret, improve security performance, strengthen internal and external prevention, and avoid the leakage of examination questions.

·Flexible character overlay function

There are three ways of video character superimposition: date time superimposition, examination room name superimposition and examination subject superimposition.

·Image capture function

Take pictures of the examination scene to provide static evidence.

·Convenient intercom function

Can provide: Test Center → leaders at all levels, test center → test center, test center → command center intercom function.

·Video file capture / merge function during examination

The test process paragraph can be separately intercepted from the video file. If you don’t have this function, even if you only have 10 seconds of useful video, you have to carry 60 minutes of video files. It can also combine multiple small video files, play and carry them uniformly, which is conducive to the rapid analysis and processing of the Education Committee and recruitment office.

·System self security protection function

It can prevent invigilators from illegally operating the electronic invigilator host. The system hotkey is blocked, and it can provide shutdown exit, startup automatic operation, timing shutdown, system manual and automatic locking, and video protection (blocking the video preview of the road, without affecting the video recording, alarm and other functions). Abnormal shutdown can automatically restart the system, automatically recover the lost compressed files, ensure the integrity of the data, and completely save the video and audio data. The monitoring image file is not modified by the third-party software to ensure the security, real-time and authenticity of the monitoring system.

·Perfect network control function

It can support all the current network environment (LAN, Wan, ADSL, DDN and other broadband networks). The LAN network sub control supports 16 channels of audio and video real-time preview and recording at the same time, and the effect is the same as that of the digital hard disk video host. At the same time, it supports the automatic switching of video images, which makes browsing more convenient. The image quality of network sub control is clear, and the network sub control can monitor up to 512 electronic invigilators at the same time. The transmission rate of telephone line is up to 10 frames per second.

·Support network video center matrix host

The video signal collected by the electronic invigilator can be output to the network video center matrix host to decode the digital signal into analog video signal and output to the TV wall to realize the real sense of digital virtual matrix monitoring system.

·Remote storage function

The video data of the electronic invigilator host can realize remote network automatic backup and double insurance.

According to the network situation of different schools, the network connection mode of each electronic invigilator can be set separately.

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