Murata manufacturing office of Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) commercialized the sheet ferrite magnetic beads “blm18kn_eh series” (hereinafter referred to as the product) of vehicle silencing elements that can work at 175 ° C high temperature, and began mass production from December 2020.

In recent years, the electronization of automobile has made continuous progress, especially ECU is also configured around the engine with high temperature. In the past, because there was no squelch element capable of withstanding the high temperature around the engine, the squelch circuit can only be set at the position with relatively low temperature. Because the setting position is a certain distance from the noise source, it is difficult to obtain the ideal squelch effect.

This product adopts ferrite materials that do not lose magnetic properties even in high-temperature environment and unique electrode components of the company that can inhibit high-temperature aging even if used for a long time, so as to achieve flake ferrite magnetic beads that can work in high-temperature environment of 175 ° C. With this feature, it can be used as a power supply silencing element for engine ECU, transmission control device (2), turbine motor (3), etc. and can be used for a long time.

(1) Electronic control unit: electronic control device of automobile.

(2) Transmission control.

(3) A mechanism that uses exhaust flow to send air to the engine. In the future, the company will also develop products to meet the market demand and contribute to the high performance and high functionality of vehicles.

main features

Achieve an operating temperature range of − 55 ° C to + 175 ° C

The element monomer with high temperature resistance of 175 ° C and meeting the task profile (4) does not need to be tested, which helps to reduce the design man hours

It supports the rated current of 490 ~ 2600MA at 150 ° C, which helps to improve the design freedom of the power line

Low DC resistance (5) reduces the voltage drop when high current is energized, so as to realize the stable operation of the circuit

(4) Task profile: imagine the working conditions such as temperature and duration specified by the actual vehicle and finished vehicle manufacturer.

(5) Low DC resistance: the DC resistance (which acts as a current barrier when a certain value of current flows all the time) is small.

Main technical specifications

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