Japan’s first surgical assisted robot, hinotori, developed by medicaroid, a maker of medical robots, has successfully performed its first operation, the Kobe hospital said on Thursday, according to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun. “There was no big trouble and got full marks,” Teng zezhengren, chief of the medical research department of the Graduate School of Kobe University, who participated in the development and acted as the chief surgeon, said at the press conference. I’m very sorry. “

According to the hospital, the patient was a 70 year old man with prostate cancer. The operation is total prostatectomy, the time is about 4 and a half hours. The patient is said to be in good condition after the operation.

The report points out that the “hinotori” robot is characterized by four micro manipulators equipped with endoscope and surgical instruments. Doctors can confirm the three-dimensional image of the patient’s body through endoscope and operate it.

In this operation, Fujisawa cut and sutured the organs through a small hole cut on the patient’s body. “The shaking of the robot’s hand is very rare, and it has done a fine job,” he commented

Kyodo news agency of Japan pointed out that the hospital plans to set up experimental operation facilities using 5g communication system next spring, and start practical research on remote operation using “hinotori”. “We hope that we will not rush to popularize it and put safety first,” fujizawa said At present, the mainstream manufacturer of surgical assistant robot is “Da Vinci” in the United States.

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