On July 2, the completion and commissioning ceremony of phase I of Beijing energy Zhuozhou cogeneration project was held in Jingyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Relevant leaders of Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Chen Yu, mayor of Zhuozhou, and the person in charge of Beijing energy group attended the completion ceremony.

The first phase of the Beijing Zhuozhou cogeneration project was completed and put into operation, and achieved good social benefits

In recent years, Zhuozhou has deeply promoted the revolution of clean energy substitution by focusing on “electricity instead of coal”, “gas instead of coal” and central heating. As a key project of energy cooperation between Beijing and Hebei, Beijing energy Zhuozhou thermal power undertakes the important livelihood task of two-way heating to “one city, three towns” in Fangshan District of Beijing and Zhuozhou City.

The construction of the Zhuozhou cogeneration project of Beijing Heneng has received strong support from Hebei Province, Beijing, Baoding city and Fangshan District. All cadres and employees of Zhuozhou cogeneration have paid attention to construction, production, safety and implementation, ensured the completion and operation of unit 1 on schedule, successfully completed the heating task last winter and this spring, and achieved good social benefits.

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