February 20, 2020 – mouser electronics, a distributor of electronic components focusing on introducing new products to promote industrial innovation, announced the successful conclusion of the “first original development board design competition of mouser Electronics”. For domestic hardware developers, the competition, jointly held by tradestar electronics and other international well-known manufacturers such as adeno semiconductor, Meixin semiconductor, microchip technology, Anson semiconductor, Rom semiconductor and Texas Instruments, attracted more than 300 groups of contestants to sign up. After 100 groups of auditions, the final seven groups of contestants were selected in the judges from the aspects of creativity, technology, functionality and mass production feasibility The completion of the four aspects of comprehensive considerationFinally, the project works with high creative and practical value were selected, and the first prize (group 1), second prize (group 2), third prize (Group 3) and creative prize (group 1) were born.

Just like the original intention of “looking for a development board that understands users and has soul” in the competition, the competition provides a good open environment for all competitors, who can freely choose the devices recommended by the competition to realize creative projects. From all the original works submitted by the contestants, there are not only learning and education development based on entertainment, but also simulation design applied to observation and exploration, which is in line with the Internet of things, wearable devices, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and can be applied to many aspects of learning, life and work.

Ms. Tian Jiping, vice president of marketing and business development in Asia Pacific region of Mao Ze electronics, said: “in this competition, the performances of the players are very wonderful. They have designed many interesting and practical development boards, which can be applied to all aspects of our lives. This not only shows me the strong strength and innovative design ability of local developers, but also gives me full confidence in the vigorous development of domestic embedded industry in the future. In recent years, Mao Ze electronics has been holding all kinds of creative competitions, aiming to train innovative talents, promote the progress of the industry, and constantly encourage the innovation and development of our enterprises. Finally, I would like to congratulate the winners of this competition, thank them for bringing creative development board, and look forward to more excellent works in the future competitions. “

Welcome to click hereThe award-winning works of the original development board design competition of Mao Ze Electronics.

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