The sudden epidemic in 2020 has given birth to a strong demand for home entertainment. Chasing drama, games, home fitness, online learning, all kinds of “home life” have sprung up. At the right time, Tencent’s products, meeting the large screen intelligent sound box of m10t, together with national karaoke, launched the first “home karaoke artifact” to vertically sing interest points and seize the share of intelligent home entertainment.

I hope that through the first “marriage” of “karaoke function” and “large screen intelligent speaker”, we can create a “new home karaoke ecology” from the combination of software and hardware.

As we all know, national karaoke has the most complete music library at present, and its unique online karaoke mode breaks the space distance between sharing and socializing. However, it is difficult to match the mobile phone and microphone with traditional KTV power amplifier and heavy reverberation effect. Based on this point, seeing the m10just makes up for this regret. With excellent sound quality, professional sound level tuning, double bass unit, front and back distribution of loudspeakers, we can create a 360 degree surround effect. With microphone, we can turn the living room into KTV.

The first karaoke large screen intelligent speaker is the first choice for home entertainment

It is worth mentioning that the 10 Inch Touch screen, which is rarely seen in the market, has a resolution comparable to that of the iPad. The 10 inch screen with karaoke function, words do not cost an eye, very suitable for the elderly and children. The portability of this size is also excellent. Considering the demand for mobile devices in the home scene, the built-in 7800 MAH battery of the M10 can be used without plug-in.

In addition, the voice interaction ability of the large screen intelligent speaker is also perfectly applied to the karaoke function“ Hello, Xiaowei, I want to sing XXX! ” In a word, it not only optimizes the original song ordering process, but also greatly reduces the threshold for the elderly and children.

In addition to the main function of karaoke, the personal meeting m10is also equipped with Tencent video, QQ music, live TV, intelligent voice inquiry and other mainstream speaker functions. In order to strengthen home entertainment, the equipment also adds Tencent mahjong, happy fight landlord, home fitness, shopping, and square dance teaching content popular with aunts according to the needs of the public, especially the 50 + LOHAS elderly people.

For children, we have specially customized the “children’s mode” in the green network environment, and built the most popular animation and video teaching content for children aged 3-8. It can be seen that solving the entertainment needs of one old and one small in the home is a preliminary exploration of the field of intelligent home entertainment. In addition, it is further understood that the personal meeting M10 is also equipped with “wechat video call”. Based on the in-depth cooperation with wechat team, video call can be realized in the form of small program, without downloading app, which is very convenient to use.


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