Recently, the first intelligent “embedded” home-based elderly care service center in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province was officially opened in Lupu Town, Yuhuan city. Now, as long as “SOS push to talk” is installed at home, the elderly living alone can inform the staff of the service center by pressing the button when they encounter difficulties.

It is understood that the elderly care service center is provided with an overall intelligent solution by Taizhou Branch of Zhejiang Mobile. Through the intelligent elderly care service platform built by Zhejiang Mobile, it has established a home hospital mutual integration service information center, applied the Internet big data management mode to the elderly care service field, embedded with medical maintenance intelligent equipment, health self-test equipment, face recognition system, etc “SOS push to talk” emergency call device, activity track sensing, automatic fall alarm and other new Internet of things sensing technologies meet all kinds of needs of the elderly in an all-round way.

The first intelligent "embedded" home-based elderly care service center in Zhejiang was officially opened

It is reported that during the epidemic prevention and control period, the nursing home implemented closed management, and the personnel of the civil affairs department could not go to the scene to guide the prevention and control work. In response to this situation, Taizhou mobile urgently developed Taizhou epidemic prevention and control big data platform, which helps the civil affairs department to comprehensively and accurately control the epidemic prevention material application of the city’s nursing homes, the daily temperature measurement of the hospitalized elderly and service staff, and the registration and monitoring of field service personnel through the combination of daily mobile phone self inspection and reporting of nursing homes and remote special inspectors of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Emergency treatment of persons with abnormal body temperature and other important prevention and control nodes to ensure that prevention and control measures are in place without leaving a dead corner. Thanks to the “sharp weapon” of Taizhou epidemic prevention and control big data platform, during the epidemic, the city’s elderly care institutions operated normally, and none of the elderly and service personnel were infected.

In addition, Zhejiang Mobile has made great efforts in the “Internet + convenience” service and developed the “Taizhou elderly care online” applet. The elderly and their families can find the nursing home nearby through the mobile terminal, understand the nursing home environment through VR live view, make an appointment for trial and check-in, and make an appointment for door-to-door service with one click. Up to now, the “Taizhou pension online” applet can query and reserve 264 pension institutions in the city online, query the information of nursing homes more than 16000 times, provide 16 kinds of door-to-door services, and have realized nearly 250000 door-to-door services.

It is reported that relying on various municipal industry application management platforms that have been built and gradually improved, Taizhou Mobile has realized multi-dimensional security management of elderly care institutions and real-time acquisition and update of elderly care dynamic information through data fusion and business collaboration. In phase I, there are 1152 intelligent fire monitoring points, 77 sunshine kitchen video points and 48 intelligent power consumption in elderly care institutions.

In the next step, Taizhou mobile will explore “5g + Internet of things” and use intelligent sensorless monitoring technology to solve the pain points and difficult problems such as supervision and early warning of falls of the elderly living alone at night and monitoring of life scenes of the elderly living alone in empty nests. In the first phase, 90 sets of elderly fall detection equipment have been deployed in four counties and cities, which has achieved good monitoring results and will be promoted to the whole city on this basis.

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