MACOM company (“MACOM”), today announced the launch of marq-23644a/ 54/64, the second generation 12g serial digital interface (SDI) equalizer series. These large-scale adaptive devices improve the performance of 4K broadcast video applications.

Maeq-23644/54/64s is a multi rate, highly integrated, adaptive cable equalizer with integrated relocking, supporting the next generation of SDI video. With high adaptability, low noise and high gain equalization, this series can be used in 75 ohm coaxial cables (19 Mbps to 11.88 Gbps).

Mike Fukatsu, product marketing director, said, “MACOM’s maeq-23644/54/64 is the first 12g-sdi equalizer series (Belden 1694a cable) with more than 100 meters in the industry.”. “By achieving this milestone, we believe we have proved that 12g-sdi can cover the vast majority of existing devices, so that broadcasting can be the same as HD for baseband 4K video.”

The second generation equalizer series is compatible with MACOM’s first generation m23544 / 54/64 series devices. In addition, the first and second generation 12g-sdi equalizer series are compatible with MACOM’s high-performance, low-power 3G series, enabling customers to easily migrate to 12g.

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