Recently, the wj-700 new UAV developed by Seahawk airlines of Aerospace Science and industry group made its first successful flight. Compared with the previous generation of domestic UAV, this new generation of domestic UAV has many new characteristics, and its comprehensive combat capability will be greatly improved.

The first flight of China's wj-700 new UAV is successful, and its comprehensive quality has reached the world's advanced level


The propeller engine is widely used in the last generation of domestic pterosaur UAV. Although it has the advantages of simple structure and low price, it is precisely these characteristics that lead to the low survival rate of pterosaur in the battlefield. Especially in the battle of high confrontation intensity, they have little survival ability in the face of local air defense firepower. The new wj-700 is the first to make adjustments and improvements in this area. The new wj-700 adopts a new type of jet aeroengine, which perfectly solves the problems of UAV, such as slow speed, low lift limit and weak mobility. Its maximum flight speed may exceed 500 km / h, which greatly improves the viability of wj-700 in modern battlefield.

More importantly, this domestic 1-ton turbofan engine greatly improves the maximum take-off weight of wj-700. The maximum take-off weight of 3500 kg enables wj-700 to carry more different types of weapons, including precision missiles, air to ground missiles, etc. In addition to being able to transform into an “air arsenal”, wj-700 can also be equipped with synthetic aperture radar, photoelectric pod, electronic reconnaissance system and other equipment. Greatly expand the “business scope” of wj-700.

In addition, wj-700 also adds new features of “stealth”. It adopts a streamlined fuselage, which is rhombic as a whole. At the same time, it also adopts the design of no flat tail. Instead, it designs two V-shaped vertical tails at the tail. On the whole, the design is very simple. It reduces the overall weight and flight resistance of the UAV. At the same time, the radar reflection area of the whole UAV is very small, so it has a strong “stealth” ability. It can help wj-700 break through the enemy’s air defense area calmly and carry out close detection and attack.

The most terrible thing is that, as a foreign trade based UAV product, wj-700 really meets the requirements of “customization” according to different needs. If the exporting country needs a UAV with strong firepower, the wj-700 with six pylons and various types of ammunition can obviously meet the demand. If the exporting country mainly takes investigation as the primary task of UAV, The wj-700, which has a smaller take-off weight and is able to fly faster, is also their choice. This kind of “modular” customized UAV has a very good adaptability for the international market.

Although the upgrading of various parts of the new wj-700 does not appear the so-called epoch-making improvement relatively, it is these small enhancement and expansion that make the comprehensive quality of wj-700 reach the world’s advanced level. As an export-oriented product, wj-700 well balances the relationship between cost and performance. It can be said that wj-700 is a real cost-effective product. I believe it will be popular after formally completing relevant performance tests and entering the international military weapons market.

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