Recently, according to the world nuclear news website, in early April 2020, holtec international delivered the first five modules of the on-site dry storage facility for spent fuel to Brazil’s Angela nuclear power station, with a total of 15 modules.

Al US Holtek delivers the first five on-site spent fuel dry storage facility modules to Brazil Angela nuclear power station

Under the turnkey contract signed in 2017, holtec international will provide the Brazilian nuclear power operator eletronucleus with hi storm FW system and related equipment for dry storage of spent fuel from units 1 and 2 of Angela nuclear power station. It is reported that at present, the spent fuel storage pools of the two units are almost full.

It is reported that according to the contract, the storage facilities will be put into operation by the end of 2020. By then, more space will be available in the spent fuel storage pools of units 1 and 2 of the Angla nuclear power station to continue to store spent fuel.

Brazil Angela nuclear power plant unit 1 is a 609 MW PWR designed by Westinghouse Electric Company, while unit 2 is a 1275 MW PWR designed by Siemens. The structures of the two units are different, thus increasing the complexity of the project.

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