Recently, the first commercial underwater intelligent cleaning robot independently developed by China was launched at Qingdao port, greatly improving the efficiency of ship washing.

The first domestic intelligent cleaning robot for ship bottom has been put into operation successfully

If a ship is dirty, it should be cleaned as new as a car. Before cleaning, there were a lot of barnacles and oysters, very dirty. After the intelligent cleaning robot “Hai Ruo No.1” developed by intelligent technology is put into the water, people only need to control it by remote control to clean the bottom of the ship by air jet.

Huang Lei, the robot operator, said that if they are within the visual range of the shore, they can clean through the remote control. If they are at the bottom of the ship, they can search through GPS positioning and SBL position, integrate the ground station, and clean through photography.

The reporter learned that after going to sea for a long time, a large amount of dirt will often be attached to the bottom of the ship, and aquatic organisms will breed, which will lead to a 10% to 15% drop in ship speed. With the use of underwater intelligent cleaning robot, it can provide better service for ships calling at Qingdao port.

Zhou Xueliang, chief director of Qingdao port barge company of Shandong Port Group, told the reporter that now they can use underwater intelligent cleaning machine to clean the marine organisms under the bottom of the ship safely and efficiently. After cleaning the marine organisms, the speed of the ship will increase by one section.

It is understood that the emergence of this underwater intelligent cleaning robot is another result of Qingdao’s double move and double lead offensive. Last year, Laixi City of Shandong Province innovated its working methods and set up a remote incubation center in Beijing to actively connect with enterprises on this project. Attracted by a series of preferential policies, the enterprise finally settled its R & D base in Laixi.

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