February 29 news, today glory mobile officially announced that from now on, glory V30 series full version of the maximum discount of 300 yuan, February 29 day to buy the specified version can also be given custom mobile phone shell. Purchasing channels include vmall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning and glory Pro election.

Specifically, glory 30 decreased by 300 yuan, and glory V30 Pro decreased by 200 yuan. This is also the first official landing of the glory V30 series.

Among them, glory V30 6GB + 128GB reduced to 2999 yuan (original price 3299 yuan), 8GB + 128GB reduced to 3399 yuan (original price 3699 yuan);

Glory V30 Pro 8GB + 128GB to 3699 yuan (original price 3899 yuan), 8GB + 256gb to 3999 yuan (original price 4199 yuan).

The first big price reduction of glory V30 series, with a maximum discount of 300 yuan

Glory V30 series was released on November 26 last year, known as the “5g benchmark”, which is the first 5g flagship launched by glory.

Glory V30 series adopts a 6.57-inch dual camera eye screen, which has passed the TUV low blue light certification in Germany. It introduces the eye protection e-book mode for the first time, and can obtain the reading experience similar to the Kindle. At the same time, it continues the side “zero sense” unlocking, fingerprint key and power key integration design. There are four colors available: Magic starfish blue, dawn orange, magic night galaxy and Iceland Wonderland.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with Kirin 990 series chips, with 5g dual-mode as standard. It supports NSA + SA dual-mode networking, and supports all six frequency bands of the three major operators. The 5g frequency band of China Mobile / Unicom / Telecom is fully covered. It also supports 5g dual cards, 5g + 4G online at the same time.

In terms of photography, glory V30 brings matrix camera matrix. Glory V30 super sensitive camera matrix includes: 40 million super sensitive main camera (exclusive customized Sony imx600 ryyb sensor, 1 / 1.7 inch bottom, 4-in-1 equivalent pixel, 2.0 μ m, 40% increase in light input, f / 1.8), 8 million long focus lens (3x optical zoom, OIS optical anti shake, f / 2.4), 8 million ultra wide angle lens (F / 2.4) and laser diagonal sensor.

Glory V30 Pro is further upgraded with double main camera scheme and 12 million independent movie lenses (supporting five axis video intelligent anti shake, 16:9 customized sensor and F / 2.2). The main camera is 40 million super sensitive Pro version (1 / 7 inch, ryyb sensor, supporting OIS optical anti shake, f / 1.6). With 8 million long focus lens (3x optical zoom, OIS optical anti shake, f / 2.4) and laser sensor.

Glory V30 series adopts 8 mm PC grade heat pipe with built-in 4200 MAH battery (Pro version 4100 MAH). In terms of charging, it supports 40 W wired super fast charging, 70% charging in 30 minutes; 27 w wireless super fast charging and 7.5 w reverse charging, and has passed the Rhine safety fast charging certification in Germany.

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