Recently, Kehua Hengsheng won the bid for the 100MW battery energy storage demonstration project of a provincial company of the State Grid – the second batch of energy storage converter equipment procurement projects, and became the main supplier for the implementation of the first grid side distributed energy storage demonstration project of the State Grid.

This is not only the affirmation of the State Grid Corporation of China for Kehua Hengsheng’s energy storage technology, but also another major breakthrough in the energy storage technology at the grid side of Kehua Hengsheng’s product scheme after the “China Southern Power Grid white rabbit retired battery cascade utilization and energy storage demonstration project”.

In October 2017, five ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Energy Administration jointly issued the first national energy storage policy document – the guiding opinions on promoting the development of China’s energy storage technology and Industry, which defined the development objectives of the energy storage industry in the next decade and established the important position of energy storage in the power system.

At the same time, Shanxi, Gansu, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other local energy storage policies have also been issued, constantly stimulating the vitality of China’s domestic energy storage market.

The provincial power grid is located in the interconnection hub of the national power grid, and the peak valley difference of the power grid accounts for about 40% of the maximum load. In addition, the rapid development of new energy such as wind power and photovoltaic and a large number of grid connection in recent years have brought great challenges to the safe operation of the power grid and power supply services.

The project is the first grid side distributed energy storage demonstration project of the State Grid Corporation of China, which belongs to the key demonstration project of the State Grid Corporation of China in the field of energy storage. Through the demonstration project, the important role of energy storage system in “strong grid and smart grid” is established; It is a key step in the application of distributed battery energy storage on the power grid side, and has a significant impact on the safe operation of the power grid of the provincial company, peak shaving and valley filling, and promoting the consumption of new energy.

The first 100MW grid side distributed energy storage demonstration project of State Grid, Kehua Hengsheng has become the main supplier

In addition, as the first large-scale grid side energy storage application of the State Grid, the project will provide rich practical basis for the application of energy storage system connected to the grid, the formulation of technical standards and management of energy storage system, and has important demonstration significance for the standardized development of energy storage industry and the development of national energy storage technology.

With the accumulation of energy storage technology research and development over the years and the active innovation of energy storage business application mode, Kehua Hengsheng’s product scheme has stood out and become the main supplier of energy storage converters in the project. So far, Kehua Hengsheng’s global energy storage application has exceeded 150MW / 330mwh.

In the future, Kehua Hengsheng will continue to deepen the research on grid side energy storage in the safe and reliable operation of the power grid, peak shaving and valley filling, and promoting the consumption of new energy, continue to vigorously promote the technical progress and mode innovation of energy storage solutions in different application scenarios, help the continuous improvement and self-improvement of energy storage, and lead a new journey of industrial development.

Over the past 30 years, Kehua Hengsheng has focused on power electronic technology R & D and equipment manufacturing. It has three business systems: smart electric energy, cloud service and new energy. Its product solutions are widely used in finance, industry, transportation, communication, government, national defense, military industry, nuclear power, education, medical treatment, electric power, new energy, Cloud Computing Center, electric vehicle charging and other industries, It serves users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

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