The finvoice system of Shengyang technology has passed Huawei cloud dual authentication

Recently, the finvoice intelligent voice authentication system (hereinafter referred to as “finvoice system”) independently developed by Shenzhen Shengyang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shengyang technology”) has completed and passed the mutual compatibility test certification with Huawei cloud Kunpeng cloud service and Huawei cloud stack 8.0 (Kunpeng). The successful passing of this test and certification marks that the finvoice intelligent voice authentication system of Shengyang technology has been fully adapted to the domestic chips, servers, operating systems and databases, and provides customers with a safer and better use industry solution based on the Kunpeng base.

This time, it has obtained the dual compatible technology certification of Huawei cloud Kunpeng cloud service and Huawei cloud stack, which fully reflects the ability of finvoice system to be compatible with Kunpeng localization environment, and its advantages in function, performance, stability, product maturity, openness, compatibility and so on. With the high performance, high computing power, multi architecture and other advantages of Kunpeng cloud service, the leading advantage of Shengyang technology’s independent controllable intelligent voice technology and the deep integration of the industry will “go to a higher level”, so as to continuously provide customers with more safe, reliable, efficient and stable intelligent voice analysis solutions, and accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Finvoice system is an industry solution deeply customized by Shengyang technology for financial digital transformation. It integrates many world leading algorithm engines such as voiceprint recognition, speech recognition and speech signal processing independently developed by Shengyang technology to meet the comprehensive requirements of security, accuracy, efficiency and ease of use. It is suitable for a variety of business scenarios such as financial risk control, anti fraud and authentication during important operations. At present, finvoice system has been implemented in industrial and Commercial Bank of China, PICC, China Life Insurance, Evergrande bank, Bank of Chongqing, Yixin, Indonesia national social security savings fund taspen and other large financial institutions at home and abroad, providing professional technical service support for the digital upgrading of the pan financial industry.

Yixin technology completed nearly 200million yuan of round B1 financing

Recently, Beijing Yixin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yixin technology”), a domestic SSD master chip head enterprise, completed a B1 round of nearly 200million yuan financing. This round of financing was jointly completed by well-known institutions and industrial capital, such as tus new infrastructure, Zhengqi holdings, China power development, etc., and the old shareholder Zhonghai venture capital further increased its investment. The round B1 financing will be mainly used for the industry’s advanced research and development of high-end enterprise SSD master chips that support nvme2.0 standards and the ecological layout of the storage industry. It will provide strategic support to meet the data storage and management needs of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things in the 5g era, and fully ensure network security.

“At present, most of the storage consumer market has changed from HDD to SSD, and the large-scale transformation of the enterprise market has just begun. In the data center field, it is expected that PCIe SSD will account for about 15% this year, and the development potential of the enterprise PCIe SSD market is great. In the past two years, the enterprise level solution star1200e, which is equipped with the original memory core master star1000p, has enabled us to accumulate rich experience in customer demand understanding, product development iteration and mass production. Based on The competitive advantage of the positioning of “self-developed master chips and independent brand solutions” has been gradually demonstrated. We will focus more on delivering one-stop and customized firmware solutions to customers, so as to bring new products to the market with the fastest development speed and the best cost advantage. “

It is reported that the pciegen4 SSD master chip star2000 to be launched by memento is the latest generation of high-end enterprise SSD product in the industry. It supports the latest nvme2.0 protocol, provides powerful sequential and steady-state random read-write performance, and has reached the leading level in the industry in terms of service quality, latency, security, fault tolerance and error correction and other indicators of enterprise concern. Enterprise SSD products equipped with star2000 chips will be highly competitive in mass production and commercialization. At the same time, the next generation PCIe gen5 SSD master chip has begun pre research, which will further consolidate the leading position of memory core in consumer and enterprise products.

Nexperia celebrates the fifth anniversary of the founding of the independent company

Recently, Nexperia solemnly announced to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the company’s entry into the semiconductor industry as an independent entity. Nexperia is still a relatively young brand, but with its good reputation and strong performance in the semiconductor manufacturing field in the past few decades, after five years of unremitting efforts, Nexperia has gained a firm foothold in the market.

Looking back at the beginning of its establishment in 2017, Nexperia actively created innovative products with passion and professionalism, which not only met the needs of customers, but also achieved common growth with customers. Over the past five years, Nexperia has demonstrated a variety of forward-looking ideas and performance growth, launched market leading products, achieved advanced capacity development in the industry, and provided a wide range of discrete devices, power devices and logic ICs while continuously meeting stringent vehicle specification standards. These remarkable achievements are the best celebration of the fifth anniversary.

Nexperia’s continuous growth is not only due to the continuous investment in products and production facilities, but also due to the continuous training of teamnexperia, which knows how to cultivate excellent talents. It has invested heavily in Europe and Asia to build manufacturing facilities and continuously expand production capacity. Nexperia has recently set up new R & D and design centers in Penang, Malaysia and Shanghai, China, and will soon open a new design center in Dallas, the United States. Nexperia is recruiting a wide range of talents to join hands with excellent soldiers and generals to create brilliance. Nexperia’s performance growth over the past five years also confirms the success of the company’s investment strategy.

This article is a comprehensive review of self sound technology memory core technology Nexperia
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