On the flow engine of digital transformation of financial industry in 2020,Who can’t get around?Simple, fast and economical sd-wan is responsible!

Innovation in science and technology and change in managementFinancial business innovation has changed from being demanded to self creation,Remote counter, face / fingerprint recognitionAnd other pan financial business

The traditional Wan architecture of heavy equipment and light platform,It is urgent to upgrade and reshape,The rain is coming and the wind is blowing all over the building,Sd-wan hybrid WAN service of China enterprise communication,It accurately smelled the breath of reform in the digital transformation of financial enterprises.

oneThe digital world is coming

The epidemic situation makes the financial industry have a deeper understanding of the importance and urgency of digital transformation.

As a window for financial institutions to carry out basic operations, financial outlets are indispensable. In the past, the business scene was single, with consumers queuing in the outlets and staff “face-to-face” service as the main business, and the business flow was stable and predictable.

Nowadays, with the promotion of digital technology and the consideration of epidemic safety, consumers’ demand for financial services is changing. They hope to get more convenient, safe and personalized products and services. They can communicate with the outlets in real time through app, official website, wechat, telephone, “customer service cloud studio” and other remote ways without leaving home, so as to meet their own financial services anytime and anywhere Demand.

With the rapid popularization of intelligent online services, consumers’ requirements for offline service experience are also increasing. For businesses that can only be handled in offline outlets, traditional service methods such as consumers queuing up for staff to handle business, answering consumers’ questions orally, and verifying consumers’ identity with naked eyes are inefficient and labor-consuming. The network service mode of self-help, convenient and efficient intelligent robot, “digital staff” and real person counter staff has become a way to improve consumers’ experience It’s the mainstream way. These make the composition of WAN traffic of financial enterprises increasingly complex, and the proportion of video and voice traffic is increasing.

A series of problems such as high cost of dedicated line link, complex networking, poor flexibility, cumbersome operation and maintenance management, and difficult network security emerge, which are forcing traditional financial institutions to speed up the digital process and shape a new business form of science and technology finance.

Digital world, transformation order! Just wait for the quick one.

twoSd-wan helps financial institutions to be “proud of the world”

The number of subsidiaries and branches of a national financial institution can reach more than 100. It is not easy to ensure the interconnection among branches of various provinces, cities, counties and regions. It is undoubtedly more difficult to achieve network load balancing and stable business experience on the basis of continuously superimposed intelligent business.

At the same time, in the digital process, enterprises will pay more attention to time and cost. To increase new services, we need to increase bandwidth. The cost of dedicated lines is high and the deployment cycle is long. To increase new functions, traditional network devices that rely on hardware need to add new devices and take a long time to deploy. The huge branch network requires a large number of local network operation and maintenance personnel, and the personnel cost and complexity of operation and maintenance remain high

If the financial industry wants to dominate the digital world, there must be a response from China enterprise communication.


The sd-wan hybrid WAN service of China enterprise communication, which has the characteristics of fast opening, automatic networking, simple operation and maintenance, has made great progress in the digital transformation track of financial institutions.

threeChina Telecom sd-wan:

Once a move is made, it will win countless battles in the world

The secret of China Telecom’s sd-wan hybrid wide area network service dominating the digital world is to think what customers think and put customers first.

1. Flexible scheduling and intelligent route selection

The sd-wan hybrid WAN service of China enterprise communications promotes the flattening of the network of financial institutions. The “multi link + multi pop networking” provides the ability of multi link and multi activity, and intelligently selects the optimal path according to the business priority, which not only ensures that the core business can always obtain the best bandwidth resources, but also ensures that the transmission of low priority applications will not be interrupted.


2. The world’s martial arts, only fast not broken: second deployment, simple

In addition to the minute level deployment skills, the sd-wan hybrid WAN service of China enterprise communication is also equipped with 360 ° all-round operation and maintenance services. Through the centralized management platform of the central terminal, the operation status of the whole network can be seen at a glance. At the same time, the 7 * 24-hour Logistics support system of China enterprise communication allows you to have no worries.


3. Golden bell cover iron cloth shirt: safety and compliance

Security is also the key point of financial institutions. China Telecom trustcsiutm (high-level sd-wan security solution) escorts the whole process, improves the security of enterprise communication transmission, and creates a three-dimensional security protection system.


4. Dao Zhijian: cost control should be mastered

Why sd-wan can save money!


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