According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized the manufacture of the coventor ventilator, a new hardware design developed by the University of Minnesota. The project attempts to create a ventilator that can provide the same level of life-saving care as existing ventilators, but at a much lower cost, so as to rapidly expand production and make it affordable for health institutions that need them.

The FDA authorized the manufacture of coventor ventilator, which costs only about $1000

Coventor became the first new ventilator to obtain FDA emergency use license (EUA). EUA, like its name, is not a complete approval of traditional medical devices, but a temporary authorization provided for emergencies.

In addition, the U of M’s coventor developed by the team is about the size of a desktop computer, and the manufacturing cost is about $1000. Compared with the price of a traditional ventilator of $20000-25000, this can greatly reduce the burden of many medical institutions.

Medical device manufacturers Medtronic and Boston Scientific are both involved in the design and development of the ventilator. In addition, the University of Minnesota announced today that it will open source coventor’s specification data so that it can be produced worldwide.

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