Intel ice lake processor integrates the 11th generation of core display, and the next 12th generation of core display changes more, and opens a new Xe graphics architecture, including it for independent graphics cards.

Gen 12 core display appeared in compubench benchmark library. Surprisingly, it has 96 built-in EU units, even 33% more than 72 groups of Intel’s strongest Ruiju iris Pro P580, not to mention 24 groups of consumer UHD 630.

The frequency of Gen 12 nuclear display is 1.1GHz, just like the best working condition of P580, it is speculated that the theoretical performance can be improved by more than 40%.

The exposure performance of gen12 nuclear display can be improved by more than 40%

Intel previously said that the 12th generation core display will make a major adjustment to EU ISA (execution unit instruction set), which can be called the biggest change since the release of i965 integrated graphics card 13 years ago. This time, Intel will remove the data consistency between register reading and writing, and the compiler needs to synchronize the relevant instructions at any time.

In addition, the 12th generation nuclear display will double the number of EU per sub block from 8 to 16, which is conducive to the expansion of the scale of the whole architecture.

These changes are expected to appear in the future tiger Lake processor core display and Xe independent graphics card, which will share the architecture to a large extent.

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