According to aerotime hub, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recently approved Airbus to increase the maximum number of seats of a350-1000 aircraft by 40. Through the installation of improved emergency exits, the maximum number of seats of a350-1000 can reach 480.

Previously, the maximum passenger capacity of a350-1000 approved by EASA was 440. According to Airbus information, the a350-1000 with a typical three cabin layout can usually accommodate 350-410 seats.

Take BA’s a350-1000 as an example, it has 331 seats. Cathay Pacific, one of the largest buyers of the a350-1000, has 334 seats.

In contrast, the a350-900, which is a little smaller than the a350-1000, has a maximum seating capacity of 440, but usually can accommodate up to 350 passengers. Nordic Airlines just received its first a350-900 aircraft on November 28. The aircraft adopts a three cabin layout with 300 seats.

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