What is object storage? Object storage (also known as object-based storage (OBS)) uses different methods to store and reference data. The object data store concept contains the following constructs, data, which are user and application data that need to be stored persistently. It can be text, binary format, multimedia or any other manual or machine-generated content.

Metadata: This is data about data. Contains predefined properties such as upload time and size. The object store allows the user to include custom metadata containing any information in the form of key / value pairs. This information usually contains information related to the user or application storing the data, and can be revised at any time. A unique aspect of metadata processing in object storage system is that metadata is stored with objects.

Cloudberry backup is a flexible utility that allows users to back up part or all of the contents of the local file management system to an object storage system compatible with S3 API. Free and professional versions can be used for windows, MacOS and Linux, and support several common cloud storage servers, including IBM? Cloud Object Storage。

Chart builder uses Watson openscale chart builder to create custom visualizations so that you can better predict analysis and input at run time. The chart builder can view the output of model prediction according to the characteristics or data range considered important by the business. It helps to discover new trends in data, which may prompt business and data science teams to consider changes to AI models.

Each PostgreSQL service is provisioned with an administrator role. Other roles and permissions can be added and managed through PSQL. This service does not have the superuser role. Database extensions use PSQL to list, install, and manage PostgreSQL extensions. You need to use the administrator role provided to run the create and alter commands.

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