On May 17, under the guidance of the Organizing Committee of the 2022 China Electronic Information Industry Expo, the cite2022 industrial Internet development and security summit was successfully held, with more than 2000 people from the field of industrial Internet and network security participating in the live broadcast. The conference officially awarded the fourth “Xinwang Cup” – excellent scientific and technological achievement award of “artificial intelligence and security”. The technicality and innovation of smart business security solutions in Xindun era were unanimously recognized by the judges and experts, and won the first prize of excellent solutions.

The summit was hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. and jointly hosted by the National Engineering Research Center for information security technology of industrial control systems, Tsinghua University China electronic data governance Engineering Joint Research Institute and other units. With the theme of “industrial data space governance”, academicians Fang Binxing and Shen Changxiang were specially invited to attend the summit and deliver a speech. Experts and scholars from institutions and enterprises such as China Industrial Internet Research Institute and China information and Communication Research Institute conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on hot issues such as the rational use of manufacturing and industrial data and data security.

At the conference, the fourth “Xinwang Cup” – the issuance of outstanding scientific and technological achievements of “artificial intelligence and security” attracted much attention from the industry. This “Xinwang Cup” focuses on the theme of “artificial intelligence and security”, aiming to reflect the cutting-edge application achievements of artificial intelligence and security technology, and carries out the solicitation and selection of excellent scientific papers and excellent solutions. The whole selection lasted three months, and the first, second and third prizes were finally selected according to the technicality and innovation of the works.

Xindun era has deeply integrated artificial intelligence and information security technology to build an intelligent business security solution. Through the combination of expert risk control rules and situational machine learning model prevention and control, it provides comprehensive business security protection from the subset of equipment, applications and behaviors, combined with a variety of machine learning models in the field of anti fraud, such as batch registration detection model, large-scale library collision detection model, anti money laundering Gang mining model The merchant cash out mining model, according to different businesses, risks, business objects and risk control roles, flexibly and quickly set risk control rules, significantly improve the detection rate, reduce the false positive rate, and achieve accurate and efficient attack on risks and refined risk control. In the selection, this scheme was unanimously recognized by the evaluation, and finally stood out among many schemes and won the first prize.

Xindun era is a leading manufacturer that widely applies AI technology in the field of business security. It has been recognized by Gartner for many times by virtue of its excellent performance in the field of business security, has been selected into reports in related fields for many times, and has been introduced in detail as one of the five representative manufacturers, and has obtained the evaluation and certification of the first batch of “trusted evaluation of AI products and services”, It was selected as a typical application case of artificial intelligence enterprises of the central network information office and other awards. At present, smart business security solutions of core shield era have successfully served customers in government, finance, operators, Internet and other industries, and have been repeatedly praised.

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