In the prediction that the air conditioning market price war may continue in 2020, for the positioning of the product itself, the air conditioning industry undoubtedly needs new power injection.

“Air conditioning must realize from the positioning of a single temperature regulator to the positioning of an air conditioner. Eating in the sky should be a thing of the past.” On the evening of April 17, Wang Hongwei, vice president of Hisense air conditioner, told the media including daily economic news at the online press conference of Hisense air conditioner 2020 spring.

In the past quarter, the terminal consumption demand of domestic air conditioning industry shrank. According to the data from AVC, in the first quarter of 2020, the sales volume of the air conditioning industry was 14.92 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 58.1%.

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At the same time of the sharp decline in sales, the brutal price war is also more intense under the epidemic situation. A key fuse is the new standard of air conditioning energy efficiency (gb21455-2019), which is known as “the strictest in history”, and will be formally implemented on July 1, 2020.

Ovi cloud analysis believes that the new energy efficiency standard will combine the fixed frequency and variable frequency energy efficiency testing standards, and the original three-level and fixed frequency products will be completely eliminated. As a result, the major air-conditioning manufacturers must increase efforts to remove inventory, price war and other means to upgrade, trying to speed up the clearance of low energy efficiency products to be eliminated.

In fact, in the view of industry insiders, 2019 is a year of suffering for the air conditioning industry. In particular, Gree’s public real name report on Oakes will raise the problem of energy efficiency false standard of the air conditioning industry to the national level. With the continuous fermentation of the incident, the transformation and upgrading of the air conditioning industry becomes inevitable.

Now, the epidemic has come unexpectedly, which has seriously frustrated the Spring Festival market, which used to be the peak season for sales promotion. After the festival, the major manufacturers engaged in a fierce price war online, and the price of online variable frequency hook products continued to drop.

“In 2020, with the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the health function will be promoted, and the air conditioning industry will return from the price war to the value war. The two pain points of” virus elimination “and” fresh air “will also become new outlets.” In March this year, Wang Hongwei said.

In Wang Hongwei’s view, air conditioning was created to regulate the indoor temperature. With the development of the times and the upgrading of users’ needs, air conditioning must realize the positioning from a single temperature regulator to an air conditioner. Especially under the epidemic situation, indoor air health is particularly important.

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