By 2020, the industrial UAV market will continue to develop in depth and go deep into the application industry. According to the power category of UAV, the market is mainly divided into electric power, oil power, oil electric hybrid and fuel cell power modes. Among them, pure electric powered UAV has become a major branch of industrial UAV because of its simple operation, safety and reliability and low noise.

With the gradual expansion of the market share of pure electric UAV, the flight time and efficiency of pure electric UAV have become the focus of users. Like electric vehicles, the flight time and operation efficiency of pure electric UAV largely depend on battery efficiency. With high battery efficiency, the aircraft can fly for a long time; At present, the x-chimera double headed dragon UAV has reached a super long endurance of 6 hours. How can it fly so??!!???? Let Xiaobian come together

Higher energy density, 15% higher than that of the same industry

The intelligent battery is deeply matched with the x-chimera double headed dragon UAV system, which is about 15% higher than the same type of UAV in the same industry! The same battery weight → storing more power → longer endurance capacity → higher operation efficiency, which is one of the secrets that the endurance time of x-chimera double headed dragon UAV can reach 5 ~ 6 hours.

When the UAV has a endurance of 5-6 hours and is equipped with an optoelectronic pod, it can complete a large-area cruise of 280 ~ 360km2; When equipped with an orthophoto camera, the operation speed can reach 21.5km2/h, and the operation area of a single Sorty can reach 130km2… Only with a longer endurance can we effectively deal with various tasks.

Monitor the battery status in all aspects to ensure the safe flight of UAV

The safety of the battery, which accounts for more than half of the weight of the UAV, is very critical.

“In the safety test of smart battery, Aoshi R & D team conducted a full set of tests including a full set of extreme items such as drop, extrusion and short circuit to ensure the safety and reliability of battery. In addition, the power battery adopts double redundancy design, which is similar to twin engine fighter. Even if one side battery fails, it will not affect flight safety.” Aoshi technology is committed to industrial UAV The R & D, manufacturing and system solutions of industry-class UAVs cover aerial mapping UAVs, Power Patrol UAVs, public safety UAVs, emergency rescue UAVs, etc. Aoshi industrial UAVs and industrial UAVs are widely used in the fields of aerial mapping, public safety, highway patrol, forestry protection, etc.

——Power system engineer quiee

Conventional batteries can only estimate battery capacity through voltage, but Aoshi intelligent battery can accurately feed back current voltage, charging and discharging current, cell temperature, residual capacity and abnormal information to the flight control system and users through can communication. X-chimera double headed dragon UAV can reasonably plan flight through residual capacity, so as to bring longer flight time and safety guarantee for UAV.

In order to improve the reliability of the UAV, the x-chimera double headed dragon UAV has a strict self inspection program for the service state of the battery, so that the battery can conduct real-time self inspection for its own health state. Comprehensively monitor the abnormal status information, such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, low temperature, short circuit, etc., so as to facilitate the user to judge the normal operation of the battery; It can also remind users to carry out maintenance through state feedback, which not only prolongs the service life of the battery, but also reduces the service cost of the UAV.

With self heating function, it can adapt to extreme environment

When flying in low temperature areas, the intelligent battery system can give full play to the environmental control heating function and heat itself, which solves the problems of battery performance degradation and capacity reduction in low temperature environment; It can discharge efficiently even in harsh environments, allowing the x-chimera double headed dragon UAV to complete its flight mission.

Ecological management and control, providing in-depth management for enterprise users

*During flight

“1 + 1 > 3”, the intelligent battery system not only needs to carry out difficult development of user application logic, but also needs perfect integration with UAV system to give full play to the comprehensive performance of the battery. At present, the intelligent battery system has a deeply customized BMS protocol, which realizes the communication encryption between the battery and the aircraft, ensures the user information security, and can also manage the UAV system.

*Storage time

At present, the intelligent battery can complete the self maintenance of storage state, and switch to storage mode without automatic discharge for more than 5 days, so as to prolong the service life of the battery.

*During transportation

In addition, the smart battery has passed the UN 38.3 certification and can reach customers anywhere in the world at the fastest speed to ensure the safety of sea, land and air transportation.

UN38.3 refers to paragraph 38.3 of Part 3 of the United Nations Manual of tests and standards for the transportation of dangerous goods specially formulated by the United Nations for the transportation of dangerous goods, which requires that lithium batteries must pass high simulation, high and low temperature cycle, vibration test, impact test, 55 ℃ external short circuit, impact test, overcharge test and forced discharge test before transportation, so as to ensure the safety of lithium battery transportation. If the lithium battery is not installed with the equipment, and each package contains more than 24 battery cells or 12 batteries, it must also pass the 1.2m free drop test.

Higher battery energy density, more reasonable discharge performance, more intelligent battery management system, matching the functional requirements of battery and UAV, forming a highly customized intelligent solution. Whether it is a battery with higher energy density or a more intelligent power management system, the purpose is to provide 2-6 hours of flight time for the x-chimera double headed dragon UAV. The extra long voyage brings infinite possibilities.

Today, Aoshi x-chimera double headed dragon pure electric vertical takeoff and landing UAV has accumulated rich industry application experience and directly solves customers’ pain points with stable and reliable product performance. After breaking the “Endurance” problem, what surprises can the in-depth industry application of Aoshi UAV bring? Let’s wait and see.

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