At this year’s CES exhibition, Wi Fi 6 routers and devices increased significantly. The emergence of wifi6 technology will bring an innovation to indoor wireless network.

What is Wi Fi 6?

Wi Fi 6 router adopts several new technologies, which are designed to provide throughput close to 10Gbps in theory, while the maximum speed of 802.11ac is about 3gbps. The specification utilizes previously unused RF to provide faster 2.4GHz performance and uses sophisticated bandwidth management to provide enhanced quality of service (QoS) options.

Equally important, Wi Fi 6 mainly alleviates network congestion by using orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) modulation, which allows up to 30 clients to share a channel at the same time, so as to improve efficiency by increasing the total capacity and reducing the waiting time. With the development of smart home and the increase of home devices, the requirements for network are becoming higher and higher, and Wi Fi 6 can solve these problems.

Wi Fi 6 also uses the target wake-up time (TWT), which allows devices to determine when to wake them up normally to start sending and receiving data. This extends the service life of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as battery powered smart home devices, such as surveillance cameras and video doorbells.

Get the most out of Wi Fi 6: faster speed and superior performance

In most cases, the performance of Wi Fi 6 is significantly better than its predecessor, especially in the close range. However, it should be noted that the increased transmission rate can only be utilized by using a Wi Fi 6 compatible client.

It should also be noted that Wi Fi 6 is still in its infancy, and its drivers are gradually adjusted as router and PC suppliers release enhanced chipsets and components. In the future, Wi Fi 6 will show its faster speed and better range performance.

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