Recently, a friend asked us in the background: the existing Ethernet switch is broken, can it be replaced by optical fiber transceiver? I believe many friends have such a question, the answer is yes or no, we do not recommend that you use optical fiber transceiver instead of Ethernet switch to use! Although Ethernet switch and optical fiber transceiver are important equipment in industrial data communication industry, they are still very different. Next, Feichang technology’s editor will answer this question in detail. Let’s have a look!

The difference between optical fiber transceiver and industrial switch

Difference between optical fiber transceiver and industrial switch

1. Industrial switch is a kind of high-speed network transmission relay equipment, which uses optical fiber cable as transmission medium. The advantages of optical fiber transmission are high speed and strong anti-interference ability;

2. Optical fiber transceiver is a kind of Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that exchanges short interval twisted pair electrical signal and long interval optical signal, which is also called fiber converter in many places;

3. Industrial switch is the connection of high speed fiber channel and server network, 8-port industrial switch or San network internal components. In this way, the whole storage network has a very wide bandwidth, which provides a guarantee for high-function data storage;

4. Fiber optic transceiver provides ultra-low delay data transmission and is fully transparent to network protocol. Special ASIC chip is selected to complete data line speed forwarding. Programmable ASIC integrates multiple functions into one chip, which has the advantages of simple planning, high reliability, low power consumption, etc. it can make the equipment get higher functions and lower cost;

If the Ethernet network is too large, the transmission interval has exceeded the interval that the electrical signal can be transmitted, the electrical switch port of the Ethernet switch needs to carry out photoelectric conversion, so you need to use the Ethernet optical fiber transceiver to extend your transmission interval, and convert the electrical signal into optical signal for remote interval transmission.

To sum up, when industrial switches and optical fiber transceivers fail, we need to contact the technology or manufacturers to deal with them at the first time. If we can’t deal with them, we should replace the corresponding equipment in time. Don’t replace each other for a long time!

Well, the above content is about whether the Ethernet switch can be replaced by optical fiber transceiver? This issue related to a detailed introduction, I hope to help you!

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