What is a linear speaker

Linear array sound is a loudspeaker system. Its technology and manufacturing have been developing steadily for many years. Recently, the situation has changed, and linear array loudspeaker system has appeared in many large-scale games and performances around the world.

The world’s major professional speaker and speaker companies have launched their own linear array speaker systems. Among them: meyersound m3d, deliya-sound-la210, ev X-line, SVS L, Martin audio w8l, coda La series. The names of these systems are different, but their principles and characteristics are similar. At the same time, they are different in structure, box technology and unit selection. It not only avoids the problems of patent, imitation and plagiarism, but also develops its own school to publicize the selling points of our company. This naturally aroused the interest and attention of domestic counterparts. Some people have been asking questions, but there is little information in domestic journals, so it is necessary to discuss..

The difference between linear array sound and ordinary sound

1. In terms of category, linear array sound is remote speaker, while ordinary audio is short-range sound.

2. From the point of view of power, the power of linear array sound is mostly 3-division, while the power of ordinary speaker is mostly 2-division.

3. From the perspective of applicable occasions, linear array sound is linear, which is suitable for outdoor large-scale party sound reinforcement, while ordinary speaker is suitable for indoor celebration activities or home use.

4. From the perspective of sound coverage, linear array sound has a wider sound coverage and can be combined into a speaker group with the same amplitude and phase.


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