It’s said that Apple’s new mobile phone and tablet computer next year are expected to use 3D sense face recognition to unlock. Experts say it’s different from Apple’s only cancellation of 3D sensing for touch panels this year. In addition to face recognition, other manufacturers also use fingerprint recognition to unlock. Gao Hongxiang, senior manager of international data and Information Corporation (IDC), said today that the previous 3D pressure sensing used by iPhone refers to the touch screen. In addition to horizontal and vertical touch, plus the depth of pressure sensing, the third dimension, namely 3D sensing, is formed. This technology is different from the 3D sensing of face recognition unlocking.

Gao Hongxiang said that in the past, the mobile phone was able to unlock through face recognition. In the past, the scheme of 2D matching with lens software was used, but the recognition degree was low. Therefore, Apple launched a more difficult 3D face recognition scheme, which uses “structured light” technology and can be used at close range. Sony adopts “flight time” technology, which is suitable for face recognition in a long distance. In addition, Intel provides the stereo image face recognition technology used by Google.

The difference between 3D sense recognition and 3D sense touch of apple face

He said that in addition to face recognition, mobile phones can also be unlocked through fingerprint recognition, including the previous common active capacitive fingerprint recognition scheme, which was later adopted by Samsung mobile phones, with a lower cost passive capacitive fingerprint recognition scheme; later, due to the fact that the full screen can be used, not limited to a small range, the off-screen fingerprint recognition technology, including the cheaper optical fingerprint recognition technology, appeared Technology, as well as the cost of ultrasound screen fingerprint recognition technology.

Taiwan’s touch panel factory, which develops ultrasonic off screen fingerprint recognition technology, is Yecheng of Hon Hai group. Although earlier media reported that Samsung mobile might give up using the technology, some legal persons said that Yecheng would continue to supply Samsung and supply it to Xiaomi, a Chinese mobile brand, next year. The legal person pointed out that Apple’s new machine gave up the touch function of 3D pressure sensing this year, Chen Hong and Ye Cheng lost the order of this product, and the 3D sense face recognition product adopted by Apple next year belongs to other fields, and the two companies will not accept the order.


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