On August 22, 2020, the National Smart car frontier summit was held in Guangzhou. The summit was hosted by the China electric vehicle 100 people’s Congress and the Alliance for the coordinated development of intelligent vehicles and smart cities, with the support of Guangzhou Municipal People’s government. As the deep cooperation media of the conference, yiou automobile is invited to participate and share the latest content for you.

Feng Xingya, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., has the following main points:

1. The development of intelligent automobile industry has reached the key node, and the development of intelligent automobile has gradually entered a cooling off period, and has shifted from laboratory and demonstration operation to mass production. However, there are still many problems in the key technology field, and the supervision level also brings the test for ethics, laws and regulations;

2. China’s path and plan for smart cars are promising. Vehicle manufacturers are the main leaders in the development of intelligent automobile industry. Finally, they play their respective roles in the end, management and cloud industry system.

The following is the transcript of Feng Xingya’s speech

I’m very glad to attend the third global smart car frontier summit. Thank you for your long-term concern and support for GAC group. According to the arrangement of the conference, I would like to report to you some thoughts on the deployment and technological innovation of GAC’s intelligent strategy. I would like to invite your criticism and correction.

1、 The development of intelligent automobile industry has reached a key node

The automobile industry is experiencing a great change that has not happened in a century. The speed of the integration of the new generation of scientific and technological revolution, digital revolution and automobile industry is beyond imagination. In the past few years, smart cars have attracted a lot of capital investment with ultra-high attention. Since last year, we have obviously felt that the investment in smart cars is declining. We think that the development of smart cars has gradually entered a cooling off period, which is a good thing. This marks the industrial development has entered a key node.

First of all, smart cars have shifted from laboratory and demonstration operation to mass production. In recent years, many manufacturers have launched models above L2, some even infinitely close to L3. The beginning of new products entering the market is also the process of new technology landing and consumer inspection. At this stage, enterprises, capital and the public are no longer confused by the concept, but enter a cooling off period. This is the law of the development and growth of new technologies and new things, and the only way to go before the industrialization.

The development of intelligent automobile industry has reached a key node

Secondly, smart cars still face many problems in key technology areas. The gap between automatic driving assistance technology and driverless vehicles may be much deeper than most of our media reports. The high cost of bicycle and infrastructure investment are the key factors restricting the mass production. According to the technical maturity curve of Gartner (Gao Dena), the production of L4 and L5 automatic driving vehicles takes ten years. Taking 5g as an example, 15000 new base stations are added every week, which should be said to be the world’s leading speed. However, the nationwide application of 5g may take more than five years.

Third, at the regulatory level, moral ethics and laws and regulations bring the test. In the short term, driverless vehicles are expected to start demonstration operation in a small range under strict constraints, such as driving at low speed in restricted urban areas or driving on certain high-speed sections. However, in the long run, the responsibility for traffic accidents under the background of automatic driving has not been clarified. In addition, the safety of software and hardware involved in intelligent vehicles and the safety of data are also a major topic Under the concept of inclusive and prudent supervision, we still have a long way to go.

Today, the smart car has come to a key node. The government, industry, University and Research Institute and enterprises should speed up the formation of strategic consensus, and clarify the consensus on key technologies and legal systems. After this step, intelligent vehicles will enter a new stage of rapid development.

2、 GAC’s thinking on the development of China’s intelligent vehicles

The intelligent car is the inevitable product of the intelligent society in which everything is connected. It is the reflection of the trend of computing, software and data in the automotive industry. It is also a historic opportunity for Chinese enterprises to change the competition pattern. At the beginning of this year, the state issued the “smart car innovation and development strategy”, starting from the top-level design, aims to give full play to its own advantages, plan and promote China’s smart car power strategy.

First of all, there is a bright future for China’s smart car path and plan. Automatic driving is an inevitable trend. In view of the complexity and cost of L4 and L5 automatic driving levels, we strongly support the route of vehicle road coordination. There is no contradiction between vehicle road coordination and single vehicle intelligence, but the terminal investment is huge, and only in China can it be promoted rapidly. In addition to policy advantages, we also have market advantages. Smart car is a new species closely related to its own national and local attributes. What we have launched must be a Chinese solution suitable for its own road traffic conditions, communication network standards and data security system. The huge local market capacity, the innovation of business model of consumer Internet and the unique advantages in 5g system, artificial intelligence and software talents will surely give birth to intelligent cars based on China’s ecological industry. The path of smart car in China and China’s program have a bright future.

Secondly, the vehicle factory is the main leader in the development of intelligent automobile industry. In the future smart city and intelligent transportation, intelligent vehicles will play a key role in the node and core carrier. As a product provider, the vehicle factory is an important participant in the construction and operation of automatic transportation, as well as the supplier and gateway of core mobile elements. In the whole ecology, the vehicle factory mainly focuses on vehicles and on-board software products, automatic driving technology, v2x technology, etc With the development of vehicle road collaboration technology, big data platform and travel, Internet connection and software services, etc., to high-level automatic driving, such as L4 and L5 vehicles, we believe that only when the main engine plant takes the lead can the system design and integration be achieved, and no single supplier can complete it alone. In the future, the integration ability of vehicle manufacturers will become more and more important. Of course, the premise is that the OEMs can survive.

Finally, it plays its own role in the end, management and cloud industry system. Around the corresponding core areas to build a healthy ecology, the new energy and intelligent vehicle industry has shown a very clear trend of technology collaboration, industry collaboration and management coordination. The healthy development of the market, ecology and individual enterprises must rely on the development of innovation synergy. In the process of developing smart cars, enterprises should cooperate with each other, joint research and development, merger and acquisition or establish new soft The forms of cooperation, such as the construction of industrial system with capital as the link, will be more colorful.

Third, GAC’s strategic direction and main implementation path.

As the leading automobile enterprise in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, GAC group will base on Guangzhou, rely on Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, face the world, firmly grasp the opportunity of intelligent automobile industry development.

First of all, focus on core technology research and development to provide intelligent automobile products that Chinese consumers trust. The future automobile is a product dominated by science and technology. It is unimaginable that there is no intelligent ecology driven by science and technology. Last year, we issued the e-time action and the declaration of transformation to technology enterprises. On the 28 day of last month, we held the 2020 Guangzhou automobile science and technology day event. We also released a number of black technologies including the three-dimensional porous structure graphene strategy, showing the latest achievement of the interconnected ecosystem. The version of ADIGO 3 has ushered in a new upgrade in the three aspects of automatic driving system, intelligent material system and artificial intelligence. In terms of automatic driving, 23 intelligent sensors and high-precision map are used to realize the L3 automatic driving ability of expressway, which is the first batch production in the domestic automobile industry. The autonomous parking system can complete parking and pick-up by one key remote control of mobile phone, and realize long-distance, cross floor L4 level low-speed automatic driving. In terms of intelligent IOT system, based on the national integration of 5g, c-v2x and on-board intelligent communication system, it makes full use of 5g channel to help automatic driving function upgrade, and also provides users with what you see is what you get, namely VR navigation. We have carried out intelligent partner and driver identification. Relying on cloud platform and big data technology, we strive to achieve the recommendation of thousands of people and thousands of aspects of content service in vehicle scene, and provide exclusive travel service for each user.

In the next step, we will accelerate the development of intelligent network connection technology, improve the five supporting platforms of intelligent connection terminal, and strive to master the six core technologies of AI Artificial Intelligence, 5g, software defined automobile, big data, information security and vehicle architecture, focusing on the network connection ecological technology. GAC will focus on building adigo system, realize the comprehensive cooperation of human road cloud, and promote the application of Ethernet, T-box technology, OTA remote upgrade technology and other achievements. At the same time, we will optimize the planning of the core technology route of intelligent vehicles, and strive to realize the regional demonstration operation of L4 automatic driving in 2023.

GAC adheres to the market orientation, pays attention to the principle of optimal product experience, and takes the lead in carrying automatic driving, intelligent cockpit and other functions with strong consumer perception on new models. GAC new energy company has realized the integration and innovation of intelligent network connection technology by focusing on the precipitation exclusive platform. It has successively launched star models such as aion s, aion LX and aion v. these models are displayed outside our venue. All guests are welcome to experience them. From January to July, the sales volume of GAC’s new energy was 25440 units, up 78% year-on-year, of which the monthly sales exceeded 5000 units. Aion V, a newly listed fighter of mecha, was in the top three of the market segments in the first month.

Secondly, with Zhilian new energy automobile industrial park as the carrier, efforts should be made to build an intelligent automobile industrial cluster with global competitiveness. Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area has the advantages of strong innovation ability, good transportation technology, high degree of openness and regional linkage, which is conducive to the breakthrough of various bottlenecks of intelligent vehicles. As the core city of Dawan District, Guangzhou clearly proposes to cultivate a world-class new energy vehicle industry cluster, and focuses on supporting the R & D, innovation and industrialization of intelligent vehicles and core key components. Since 2017, GAC has made great efforts to build GAC Zhilian new energy industrial park, with an investment of 28.7 billion yuan and a land area of 5230 mu. The intelligent manufacturing area includes the built GAC new energy intelligent ecological factory and the system of key intelligent new energy components such as batteries and three in one motors. We are also actively promoting the Shaoguan project of the southern intelligent network connection new energy vehicle experimental testing center To contribute to the development of smart car testing and standard system in China.

Finally, open cooperation, win-win symbiosis and cooperation with upstream and downstream will form a community of common destiny. Cooperation is not only reflected in the industry cooperation, cross-border cooperation, but also a brand-new innovation collaboration of the whole society. In various fields of intelligent vehicles, we believe that no company in the world can be able to improve and lay out independently and comprehensively. GAC has formed an open cooperation, win-win and symbiotic attitude and formed a community of destiny with its upstream and downstream partners. In terms of technology, GAC will Deepen the cooperation with ICT enterprises and scientific research institutes, and build a horizontal division of labor, vertical integration of intelligent network connected automobile industry chain and supply chain system. In terms of industrial ecology, including big data application, software capability, mobile travel, smart city, etc., we will promote cooperative R & D, technology alliance and capital cooperation with an open attitude.

Innovation driven technology empowerment, in the automotive industry ushered in a new situation today, GAC is looking forward to working with all of you here to build a new industrial form with smart cars as the breakthrough point, so as to continuously create value for the beautiful mobile life of mankind.

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