Two Chinese scientific research institutions announced a technological breakthrough in the development of “universal chip” FPGA. According to the media, although there is still a huge gap with international giants, in terms of scale, the new FPGA has surpassed many existing Chinese made FPGAs, realizing the problem of “from scratch” in some special fields. An article in the “power of science and industry” of China wechat company reported that at the recent exhibition with the theme of military civilian integration in China, a scientific research institution showed 35 million gate level FPGAs with full forward design. Another organization announced at the exhibition that it had successfully developed 70 million gate level FPGA.

It is reported that FPGA is a field programmable gate array. At present, this chip has three main application directions. First, it is used in military equipment, such as large phased array radar, infrared equipment, etc. Second, it is used in communication equipment. For example, the existing communication equipment is inseparable from FPGA. The United States sanctions relevant Chinese enterprises, and FPGA is also on the sanctions list. Most of the FPGAs required by Huawei and ZTE depend on imports from American companies such as Xilinx and Altra.

The development of China's universal chip FPGA has made a major technological breakthrough

If the United States “gets stuck in China’s neck” on FPGA, China’s 5g communication network construction is bound to be affected to some extent. Third, the chip design company is used to simulate. FPGA has a name called “universal chip”, that is, burning the code can turn FPGA into the required chip. This feature makes FPGA widely used in chip simulation.

In addition, FPGA can also be used in the medical field. In the future, with the rise of the Internet of things, automotive electronics, robots and driverless, FPGA may be more widely used. It is understood that Chinese FPGA manufacturers are basically distributed in the middle and low-end market. Most of them manufacture 10 million gate level FPGAs, and a few reach 20 million gate level FPGAs, which are likely to come from “reverse engineering” and / or commercial acquisition. The article points out that the public appearance of 35 million gate level FPGAs in China and the successful R & D of 70 million gate level FPGAs “are very exciting technological breakthroughs” and of great significance, which can solve the “neck sticking problem” in specific fields in China.

The development of China's universal chip FPGA has made a major technological breakthrough

It is said that the active phased array radar on a cutting-edge fighter of the people’s Liberation Army uses an FPGA developed by China. Media articles also pointed out that although China’s independently developed FPGA has solved the “yes no problem”, there is still a big gap between the performance of Chinese FPGA and that of Xilinx and Altra in the commercial field. Chinese industry insiders have made it clear that at present, there are still huge technical bottlenecks in China’s independently developed FPGA, and “only American FPGA can be used” in many fields.


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