In the second quarter of this year, crystal power, a large LED chip manufacturer, recorded a new low revenue for many years due to less orders for lighting and display screen display and low production rate of blue LED. Looking forward to the third quarter, due to the release of stock demand in the traditional peak sales season in Europe and the United States, the momentum of TV backlight has strengthened, and the orders of display screen and four yuan led have also improved. It is expected that the performance of the third quarter should have a chance to recover.

The demand for TV backlight, display screen and other orders rose, and the LCD of wafer is expected to warm up in the second half of the year

In the second quarter of this year, the revenue of Jingdian fell to 3.142 billion yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below), a quarterly decrease of 7.3% and an annual decrease of 22%, the lowest in a single quarter in at least eight and a half years, and there is still great pressure on losses. The cumulative revenue in the first half of the year was about 6.529 billion yuan, an annual decrease of 16%. It is estimated that in the third quarter, driven by the demand for TV backlight, display screen and Quad led, the revenue is expected to rise by more than 10%.

As for the attention from all walks of life on the introduction of miniled into the new models of large American brands, it is expected that crystal power may start shipping as soon as the fourth quarter of this year. At that time, blue LED will account for about 2-30% of the total production capacity, driving the increase of production rate in the fourth quarter. If there is no accident, the industry will have the opportunity to reach the level in the fourth quarter.

At present, the production capacity of the pre crystal power is 6 in Taiwan and 4 in Chinese mainland. In the future, MiniLED will be made in Taiwan for the first stage of production and vehicle products, and most of the other products will be transferred to Chinese mainland.

Despite the inconvenience caused by the epidemic, Jingdian expects that the capital expenditure of 6 billion yuan this year is still going as planned, which will be mainly used to build miniled process capacity, including dust-free room expansion and renovation, cutting machine, point measuring machine, etc.

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