A few days ago, the 7th China IOT conference of “new infrastructure smart IOT” 2020, sponsored by “E-enthusiasts”, was held. Infineon’s second generation intelligent downlight scheme won the annual “IOT Technology Innovation Award” at the same ceremony. The award aims to recognize outstanding technologies with innovation and far-reaching influence, as well as innovative products highly concerned and recognized by market and industry users in the past year. Led by Infineon’s local IOT system development and application team, the intelligent downlight solution integrates Infineon’s advanced power, sensing, control, connection, security and other semiconductor technologies, contributing to the realization of the future vision of smart city! Mr. Qian Jiafa, senior manager of Infineon China power supply and sensing system application engineering, attended the award ceremony and received the award on behalf of the enterprise.

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Mr. Qian Jiafa of Infineon received the award on behalf of the enterprise


The cup is coming to the bowl

With the deepening of urbanization, the United Nations predicts that by 2022, 56% of the global population will be urban residents, and by 2050, the number will rise to 68%. How to make more efficient use of existing resources, while reducing the overall energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, has become an important challenge of smart city construction! Intelligent building is the key to solve this challenge. Infineon’s second generation intelligent downlight is suitable for intelligent buildings, such as office buildings, shopping malls and hotels. The downlight system combines power with sensor solutions, which can provide building managers with a full grasp of building operation and save energy.

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Infineon second generation intelligent downlight

In this system, Infineon xdpl8221 digital control chip can monitor the related errors of LED driver side, such as under voltage, over voltage, load open circuit or output short circuit. The 24GHz millimeter wave radar sensor can detect whether there are people in the building and count how many people there are, so that the system can dim the light when there is no one to save electricity. The data can be sent to the BMS system and building managers through NB IOT, sigfox and other ways for further analysis and optimization.

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Customized cloud management platform with intelligent downlight to achieve one-stop solution

In addition, Infineon will further expand the application of 60GHz radar sensors in intelligent buildings. Infineon’s advanced 60GHz radar has the characteristics of micro motion detection, which can more accurately detect the micro motion of human skin when breathing and heartbeat, so as to realize the innovative application beyond imagination. For example, in the scene of intelligent conference room, the 60GHz radar can detect the number and location of the current participants, and then intelligently control the air supply intensity and direction of the air conditioner; in non office hours, the system will alarm when it detects someone; therefore, the automation and environmental control ability of the intelligent building is greatly improved.

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