Maxim integrated products, Inc announced the launch of a solid-state blood pressure monitoring program to make it easier for users to track this important health indicator. Before that, only through the cumbersome mechanical cuff measurement equipment can achieve high-precision blood pressure monitoring. With maxrefdes220 # reference design provided by Maxim, design engineers can easily realize the scheme development of blood pressure change trend monitoring.

The cuff less blood pressure measurement scheme released by Maxim meets the class II medical accuracy standard

Maxrefdes220 # monitors the trend of blood pressure through optical principle, adopts fully integrated optical sensor module, sensor concentrator and algorithm based on microcontroller, and can be directly integrated into smart phones or wearable devices. With the reference design, the user can put his finger in the device for 30-45 seconds when he is still, and the blood pressure can be measured anytime and anywhere. The reference design includes max30101 or max30102 high sensitivity optical sensor and max32664d sensor concentrator IC with built-in algorithm.

The max30101 (using three LEDs) and max30102 (using two LEDs) integrate photodetector, led and optical sensor module of analog front end (AFE), including glass cover, for pulse oxygen and heart rate measurement. This complete optical design and top lens process provide the optimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) index for small size, low power consumption and high energy efficiency module design. The device adopts 5.6 mm x 3.3 mm, 14 pin micro optical package, and is connected to the sensor concentrator IC through I2C interface.

Max32664d sensor concentrator IC contains firmware for sensor control and algorithm operation, which can measure blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen concentration without cuff. With the ultra small size (1.6 mm x 1.6 mm) design, the device can be easily integrated into small devices, and can be easily and seamlessly connected to the host microcontroller of the device.

Maxrefdes220 provides the best measurement accuracy in the industry and meets the class II medical accuracy standard. For example, under static measurement conditions, the scheme can achieve the following accuracy levels: systolic blood pressure error: mean = 1.7mmhg, standard deviation = 7.4mmhg; diastolic blood pressure error: mean = 0.1mmhg, standard deviation = 7.6mmhg. Note: Class II medical accuracy standard is mean absolute value ≤ 5mmhg, standard deviation ≤ 8mmhg.

The scheme needs to be calibrated every four weeks to ensure the above accuracy. This conclusion is based on independent testing under static conditions and limited testing objectives.

Main advantages: no cuff blood pressure measurement, providing the best accuracy in the industry: complete reference scheme supports no cuff blood pressure monitoring trend, which can meet the class II medical accuracy standard. Easy to design: the sensor concentrator IC integrates optical modules and algorithms. Combined with the optical system design guide, it can help customers easily integrate the finger blood pressure measurement scheme into the device. Fast launch: the algorithm code is implemented by a small, ultra-low power dedicated sensor concentrator microcontroller, without the need to develop new code for the application processor.

“Blood pressure is a key indicator of vital signs, and it is difficult to support convenient and accurate monitoring by traditional methods. Maxim, in the form of compact reference design, helps system designers to create cuff less blood pressure monitoring products with the highest accuracy (based on patient test results) Said Kris ARDIS, executive director of Maxim integrated microprocessor and security products division.

Supply and price: maxrefdes220 # reference design price is US $100, which can be purchased through Maxim official website and authorized dealers. The price of WLP package max32664d is US $2.63 (from 1000 pieces, FOB USA), and different versions can be selected from the franchisee. Max30101 is priced at US $4.23 (from 1000 tablets, FOB USA) and can be purchased through Maxim’s official website and licensed dealers. Max30102 is priced at US $4.13 (from 1000 tablets, FOB USA) and can be purchased through Maxim’s official website and franchised dealers.

Maxim is committed to developing innovative analog and mixed signal IC products to provide components for medical or fitness equipment. The IC of the company is a component rather than a finished product. Maxim’s reference design is only for customers in the field of medical devices and other products, and serves as a research, development and initial guide to help users obtain relevant licensing and regulatory approval. However, Maxim products and reference designs cannot be used as testing products for diagnosis, treatment or other medical and health purposes, and there is no authorization.


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