Recently, another batch of cost reduction projects of Hafei aviation industry passed the review and found that five projects saved more than 5 million yuan for Hafei, and the project team won the cost reduction award. Since 2019, Hafei has made concerted efforts to strengthen management and efficiency, continuously promoted the cost reduction project, effectively increased the efficiency of the enterprise and benefited the employees, improved the basic management ability, played an incentive and guiding role, and the cost concept and lean thinking have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, promoting the development of Hafei to higher quality.

Hafei applied TPO layout software to carry out cost reduction. It is estimated that the cost of composite materials can be saved by about 13.175 million yuan in 2019

Hafei has broken the technical closure of composite passivation process and has applied for a patent. According to the evaluation, the annual cost savings of the application of this technology is 2.6372 million yuan

In recent years, Hafei has continuously taken management improvement as the main line, focused on reducing costs, improved efficiency and benefits, and achieved remarkable results. In 2019, Hafei took a series of measures to comprehensively promote the cost reduction project. Establish a cost reduction management leading group to provide a solid organizational guarantee for cost reduction; Formulate the company’s 2019 cost reduction work plan, and clarify the multi-dimensional cost reduction direction guidance such as key quality problems, composite materials and material quota; A special incentive fund of 20 million yuan was established to reduce costs, and the incentive measures were defined. All units have carried out extensive cost reduction activities around business areas. So far, 33 cost reduction and efficiency enhancement projects have been reported, of which 26 projects have passed the review, and the total cost reduction is expected to be nearly 100 million yuan in the whole year. Eight projects with a total reward of 1.89 million yuan were completed, and the enthusiasm of cadres and workers to reduce costs continued to rise. The continuous development of the cost reduction project has promoted the establishment of the cost awareness of all staff, gradually eliminated the waste of all links, opened a good situation and played an important role for Hafei to win the reform war of high-quality development and improve efficiency and economic benefits.

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