Recently, China Mobile Hainan Corporation and China Southern Power Grid Hainan Power Grid Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides reached consensus on resource sharing such as fiber optic cable channel around the island and substation, as well as information cooperation of smart grid, and comprehensively opened a new cooperation mode of co construction and sharing of power and communication facilities, marking a breakthrough in resource sharing between the two industries of power and communication.

The cooperation between Hainan mobile and Hainan power grid will jointly promote the establishment and development of Internet power grid

The two sides will jointly promote extensive cooperation in the two major businesses of “basic telecommunications” and “basic power grid”, strive to build a wider, broader and deeper integrated platform, and launch more innovative products and services. In addition, the cooperation will promote the two sides to establish an information technology exchange mechanism in the field of “Internet power grid”, which is used to jointly discuss and study the information process, development ideas and new technology applications of the power industry, and promote each other’s development and service improvement by seeking new development directions.

This cooperation will continue to implement the spirit of win-win cooperation between the two group companies, further expand and deepen the cooperation between the two sides in the fields of management informatization, basic communication, marketing information, co construction and sharing of infrastructure resources, and improve their respective service support capacity. It will become an important milestone for the two sides to carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation, and will also further promote the exchange of resources A good opportunity for cohesion and win-win results.

According to the agreement, the two sides will practice the development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”, give full play to their respective advantages, do a good job in supporting the construction of Hainan free trade zone (port) through strong alliance, resource sharing, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, jointly contribute to the construction of a better new Hainan, and make Hainan a showcase of China’s style, Chinese style Beautiful business card of Chinese image.

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