It was reported on April 7 that liandian, a large foundry, announced its revenue in March. In March 2021, its revenue reached 16.619 billion new Taiwan dollars (about 3.825 billion yuan), a record high in a single month, with a year-on-year increase of 14.06% over the same period last year. In the first quarter, the revenue reached NT $47.097 billion (about 10.849 billion), an annual increase of 11.43%, and reached a new high in a single quarter at the same time, an increase of about 3.98% over NT $45.294 billion (about 10.432 billion) in the fourth quarter of last year.
Previously, liandian company predicted that the overall wafer shipment in the first quarter of 2021 would increase by about 2%. With the increase of 28nm process contribution and the 12 inch partial process conversion, the average sales price in US dollars would increase by about 2 ~ 3% and the gross profit margin would increase to about 25%. Therefore, it is estimated that the quarterly growth rate of US dollar revenue in the first quarter is about 4 ~ 5%, and the actual revenue of new Taiwan dollar in the first quarter is also rising again, with a quarterly growth rate of about 4%, and the profits of the industry can also continue to grow compared with the previous quarter.
United power continued to be optimistic about the first quarter. The capacity utilization rate will rise to 100% and the product volume and price will rise together. The consolidated revenue in this quarter reached a new high as expected, and the quarterly growth rate of about 4% is also in line with expectations.
Looking ahead to this year, Wangshi, general manager of liandian, once said that there is still room for the price of foundry wafers to rise. It is estimated that the average sales price (ASP) will grow by 4-6% this year; Optimistic about this year’s wafer demand outlook, the main driving force comes from smart phones, remote applications and automotive electronics, which will drive the capacity utilization to maintain high-grade.
In addition, the capital expenditure of liandian increased by 50% to US $1.5 billion this year, which will greatly expand the 28nm capacity. Liandian has budgeted a capital expenditure of US $1.5 billion, a significant increase over last year’s US $1billion, mainly for the growth of 28nm capacity by 20% this year.
Thanks to the fact that the supply of 8-inch wafer foundry fell short of the demand and the price increased, coupled with the benefit of increasing the proportion of 28nm, the performance of liandian rose in the fourth quarter of 2020, with a revenue of about 45.3 billion yuan, a capacity utilization rate of 99% and a gross profit margin of 23.9%. The net profit attributable to the parent company in a single quarter was 11.2 billion yuan and a profit of 0.92 yuan per common share.
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