The Institute of artificial intelligence of Xiamen University was inaugurated on the 10th. Zhang Rong, President of Xiamen University, said that accelerating the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence is an important strategic starting point for China to win the initiative in global science and technology competition. Only by actively adapting to the development trend of the times and disciplines can Xiamen University always stand at the forefront of the times, play a leading role and realize high-quality connotative development.

Chen Chun, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of School of computer science and technology of Zhejiang University and alumnus of Mathematics Department of Xiamen University, was appointed as honorary president. He said that in recent years, Xiamen University has made many innovative achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. The establishment of the artificial intelligence research institute marks that the construction of the artificial intelligence discipline of Xiamen University has entered a new stage.

The construction of AI discipline in Xiamen University has entered a new stage

The Institute of artificial intelligence of Xiamen University consists of theory and technology center, cross and Application Center, and industry enabling center, covering the theoretical and technological research of the basic Department of artificial intelligence. At the same time, it will carry out cross research in combination with Xiamen University’s advantageous disciplines such as economy, chemistry, Ocean, public health and medical care. It will also jointly build with first-class AI enterprises to develop interdisciplinary research platform and industry university research and application system Chain of scientific research service system, to build the artificial intelligence research and Industrialization Center rooted in southwest Fujian and radiating the whole country.

According to Xiamen University, the Research Institute will further strengthen the cross integration of AI disciplines in Xiamen University with traditional advantageous disciplines such as economics, chemistry, oceanography and medicine in the future. Relying on domestic first-class AI enterprises such as Huawei and Tencent, it will gather research forces inside and outside the University, build an interdisciplinary research platform and a research service system with the whole chain of production, study, research and application, and strive to build the research institute into a new one It has become an important base for gathering and training high-end talents and a first-class AI research and talent training institution with global influence.

Xiamen University is one of the earliest universities in China to promote the research of AI related disciplines. It is the third university in China to set up the specialty of intelligent science and technology. It is also one of the first batch of 35 universities in China to major in artificial intelligence. In 1988, Xiamen University established the Institute of artificial intelligence and computer application; in June 2019, Xiamen University abolished its school of information science and technology and School of software, and turned to establish the school of information, which consists of five departments, namely, the Department of artificial intelligence, the Department of computer science, the Department of software engineering, the Department of information and communication engineering, and the Department of Cyberspace Security.

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