ODU spc16, a new single core high-voltage and high current connector introduced by oudo, adopts ODU lamtac internally ® The leaf spring pinhole technology is a high performance pinhole system which can carry large current transmission. Its shell is made of engineering plastics, which is very strong. ODU spc16 can achieve high current transmission performance and ensure the stability and reliability of transmission. The connection adopts the bayonet locking mode, which makes it safe and convenient to plug.

The connector ODU spc16 is very robust and can achieve high current transmission performance

At the beginning of ODU spc16 connector, it was a customized product for customers. As an expert in the field of connector, oudu is famous for its customized technical strength and service ability. Committed to providing high-quality, high-performance connector solutions and one-stop service for various industries. ODU spc16 is highly praised by customers for its excellent product design, high performance, safety and high cost performance. Therefore, audu decided to list it as a standard connector product and accept the test of the market.

ODU spc16 product advantages:

Bayonet locking

Up to 5000 pluggings

· touch protection (IP 2x)

6 color positioning options

Working current up to 530 A / working voltage up to 1000 V (using test data of 240mm2 cable specification)

IP 65 protection level in cooperation state

Dust cover at both ends of plug and socket


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