With the rapid development of 5G, AI (artificial intelligence) + IoT (Internet of Things), the "smart +" products in the home appliance industry are moving beyond the stage of single-product intelligence and moving towards interconnection and multi-scenario applications. With continuous deepening, Zhijin smart home has gradually become the focus of the market.

As a well-known domestic home ecology overall solution service provider, Zhijin Smart Home participates in the construction of the smart home ecology. Zhijin smart home is divided into intelligent security, energy management, intelligent lighting, intelligent temperature control and other modules. Through automatic control technology, induction technology, network communication and other technologies, it builds an efficient home life management system for people to improve home safety and convenience. sex, comfort and artistry, while creating an energy-saving and environmentally friendly living environment.

Zhijin smart home, controlled by smart app, allows you to know the situation at home at any time when you are away from home, and can grasp it at any time, making it more convenient for office workers to manage their home life.

Zhijin smart home system, intelligent temperature control system, can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity according to the equipment conditions and the external environment, making the space more comfortable, and also saving many parents from the trouble of taking care of their children at night. Zhijin smart home intelligent security system, through the close linkage of access control, smart locks, cameras and other equipment, allows you to understand the situation at home in real time, and builds a home with a high safety factor for you. Zhijin smart home intelligent lighting system adjusts the light and dark intensity according to the light and dark conditions of the space and the living habits of users, and conveys a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly life concept.

Zhijin Smart Home has developed steadily, providing people with high-quality high-tech products, keeping up with people's living needs, and providing more popular functions under the condition of further controlling costs, and is committed to creating more intelligent home solutions. , to create a real smart home integrated life and make people's lives happier.

With the deepening of the concept of smart home, Zhijin smart home has gradually become the focus of the market.

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