The concept of microgrid:

Microgrid is a new type of network structure, which is composed of power source, load, energy storage system and control device. Microgrid is a concept relative to the traditional large grid. It refers to a network that connects multiple distributed power sources and their associated negative distributed power sources through static switches. The development and expansion of microgrid can fully promote the large-scale access of distributed power and renewable energy, and realize the highly reliable supply of various energy forms, which is an effective way to realize the transition from traditional power grid to smart grid.

The microgrid organically combines various micro-energy sources with power energy storage devices and power electronic devices to construct a micro-grid composed of power generation equipment and energy storage equipment. The grid technology partially solves the operation problem of large-scale grid-connected distributed power sources.

The role of microgrids:

Microgrid has a very broad development prospect. The microgrid can not only adjust and control under the large power grid system, and smoothly connect to the large power grid system, but also realize the unified operation of electric energy and voltage inside it. In addition, the microgrid itself is small in scale and the system composition is relatively scattered. Therefore, it is necessary to use advanced technology and new energy for power production, which will help to improve construction efficiency, reduce production cycle, save production costs and meet the needs of power generation. supply demand. At the same time, the microgrid directly connects the energy storage equipment and power supply to the user side, reducing the occupied area of ​​the transmission corridor.

AcrelEMS enterprise microgrid system installs monitoring, analysis, protection and management devices at each key node of source, network, load, storage and charging, collects data through high-performance edge computing gateway and uploads it to the enterprise microgrid platform. The platform adjusts the control strategies of each system according to the latest grid price, electricity load, grid dispatching instructions, etc., and distributes the control strategies of each system remotely, so that the enterprise microgrid can always operate reasonably and stably, reduce the cost of electricity consumption, and realize energy interconnection and information interaction.

AcrelEMS Enterprise Microgrid Energy Efficiency Management Platform

Network structure

AcrelEMS Enterprise Microgrid Energy Efficiency Management Platform

Platform features:


AcrelEMS enterprise microgrid system helps enterprise users to conduct centralized monitoring, unified scheduling, and unified operation and maintenance of enterprise electricity consumption globally and as a whole through a set of systems, and at the same time meet the requirements of reliable, safe, economical, reasonable and orderly enterprise electricity consumption. requirements.

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