In recent years, China’s power grid construction has developed rapidly. Based on computer control technology and artificial intelligence technology, UAV inspection mode can effectively improve the area, quality and efficiency of power grid inspection, improve economic benefits and develop rapidly in transmission line inspection.


As a high-quality automatic flight platform, UAV is widely used in the digital field of vertical industry with the gradual liberalization of China’s navigation policy and the continuous progress of computer technology. Especially around the construction of the National Smart Grid, UAV has the advantages of convenient patrol operation, little impact by topographic conditions, multi-directional and multi angle real-time observation and resource sharing. It is an important means for the development of power grid operation and maintenance to automation and intelligence.

The computer control system helps UAV intelligent patrol to complete the task efficiently

In the UAV Power Patrol operation, the route planning of UAV patrol inspection can be realized through the computer control system, and the front-end site can be executed independently. In case of emergencies, the alarm and treatment can be given in time; The operation of the transmission line can be observed closely through the high-definition webcam, so as to realize high-definition video streaming back and all-round blind spot free monitoring; Using embedded auxiliary positioning and navigation technology, it can also help patrol UAV realize operation modes such as data management integration, spatial measurement and positioning accuracy, intelligent self maintenance, and help UAV intelligent patrol to complete tasks efficiently.

North China industrial control believes that intelligent patrol inspection is a key link in the construction of smart grid. With the deep integration of UAV, artificial intelligence and mobile network, embedded computer, as an important carrier of UAV technology application, relevant customers put forward higher requirements for video and data transmission, over the horizon remote control and so on.


North China industrial control has been deeply engaged in the embedded computer industry for many years. It has deeply integrated the key technologies of artificial intelligence with computer hardware, and explored the effective applications of data transmission interaction and autonomous flight assisted navigation. At present, there are high-quality and high-performance computer product schemes that can be highly integrated into the UAV intelligent patrol system.

Application computer product scheme of North China industrial control UAV

Based on UAV intelligent patrol inspection, independent data analysis, independent line planning and other operation objectives. The embedded computer hardware built by Huabei industrial control based on domestic Hisilicon, domestic Ruixin micro, domestic NXP and other intelligent core platforms includes embedded computer motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial tablet, etc. the product has industrial grade performance, adopts multi serial port design, on-board high-speed memory, supports GPS data acquisition and processing, and has the functions of image real-time cloud processing and parameter adjustment.

The embedded computer hardware of North China industrial control also integrates a new generation of computer image processing technology and supports fast algorithms, which can meet the application requirements of UAV intelligent patrol in air data transmission, HD video return, ground monitoring three-dimensional coverage, etc. at present, it has been widely used in UAV Ground environment monitoring system, unmanned electromechanical network patrol system and other professional fields.

At present, UAV patrol inspection is more and more closely combined with smart grid, intelligent security and other industrial applications. North China industrial control actively innovates new technologies such as artificial intelligence to enable the functional expansion of computer hardware, and will also launch more professional and high-quality embedded computer product solutions.

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