The EMC preconditioning test kit contains all necessary instruments and software to measure typical EMI problems, including spectrum analyzer HMS-X (with HMS-EMC and HMS-3G options), power supply impedance stabilization network HM6050-2D, HZ540 probe kit and HM Explorer software.

HMS-X Spectrum Analyzer Unit

·Frequency range: 100kHz~1.6GHz/3GHz

Spectral purity: better than -100dBc/Hz (at 100kHz)

Scanning: 20ms~1000s

Detection: Auto-, Min-/Max-, -Peak, Sample, RMS, Average, Quasi-Peak

HM6050-2D Artificial Power Network

Measure line conducted disturbances (CISPR16) in the range of 9kHz to 30MHz

· Power supply impedance stabilization network

·Simulate artificial hand connector

HZ540 Near Field Probe Kit

3G Active Near Field Probe Kit

EMC Preliminary Test Software 2.00

HM Explorer automatic measurement software (only for HO720 USB/RS-232 interface card and Windows® 32-bit)

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