According to foreign media reports, on August 26, local time, automatic driving start-up company pony Zhixing( )Announced an agreement with Bosch to “explore vehicle maintenance and repair for autonomous fleet vehicles”. Together with Bosch’s automotive aftermarket division of Bosch’s, we plan to develop and test fleet maintenance solutions for the commercial automated taxi project.

One of the ways for the autopilot industry to seize business opportunities is to ensure the continuous operation of the fleet and reduce downtime. According to a report by McKinsey in 2017, compared with private cars, self driving taxis can reduce the total cost of ownership of fleet operators by 30% to 50%, and about 70% lower than the cost of shared travel, which will bring impact on the market. However, the maintenance required by self driving taxis is different from that of ordinary cars because of the lack of regular monitoring, the fact that there is only a few minutes of rest between passengers and passengers, and the use of expensive, sensitive and unconventional components such as lidar sensors.

The company plans to develop and test fleet maintenance solutions for the commercial automated taxi project

Bosch claims that its vehicle maintenance network can meet such needs. Because Bosch has more than 20000 vehicle maintenance sites around the world and 1000 in North America. In addition, Bosch also provides a software platform with API (application program interface) for fleet operators such as Xiaoma Zhixing, which can exchange data with online diagnosis equipment and other technologies.

Ma Zhixing said that it had cooperated with Bosch in the San Francisco Bay area to pilot a car maintenance program in early July. It is not clear whether the plan is related to the distribution partnership between Zhixing Ma and yamibuy in April this year, or whether it means that the pilot scheme of self driving taxis co operated with via has returned. In May this year, the “local refuge” and the business closure regulations forced the pony Chai to suspend all automated driving tests. Oma Chiyuki also said that there was no plan to resume services, including the cooperation with Fremont, Michigan, to transport the services of city employees.

Bosch Automotive aftermarket business is separate from the automotive supply department, which mainly produces sensors, actuators and control units. BOSCH has also established a long-term partnership with Daimler, which will enable autopilot cars to go on the road in the next 10 years. In addition, Bosch has also expressed its ambition for autonomous driving very clearly. In 2018, Bosch has created a new Department, connected mobility services, which has more than 600 employees. It has acquired the B2B shared travel start-up split fares, and cooperated with TomTom to develop a map system to help vehicles see the road ahead. In addition, on August 26 local time, Bosch also said that it would work with Ford and bedrock to demonstrate auto valet parking technology in Detroit.

Xiao Ma Zhihang is following the rival Waymo’s footsteps, and the latter has signed an auto driving vehicle maintenance contract with Avis and AutoNaTIon. Meanwhile, tusimple, a start-up of self driving trucks, recently announced that it would work with Penske’s truck rental division to conduct preventive inspections of self driving trucks.

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