The three major telecom operators have pressed the accelerator button for the commercialization of the 5G messaging platform.

According to the media yesterday, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom have all started the large-scale deployment of 5G messaging, and 5G messaging is expected to become one of the first 5G applications seen by individual users. At present, standards such as the overall technical requirements for 5G messaging, the technical requirements for 5G messaging terminals, and the testing methods for 5G messaging terminals have entered the approval stage.

5G message is a rich media message service based on mobile phone number, SIM card security authentication and real-name system, and realizes the lightweight and card-based industry news through new technologies. Users can search, discover, and online services through the 5G message portal. One-stop business experience such as consultation, commodity purchase, online payment, etc. China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. disclosed that even non-5G mobile phone users can use 5G message and SMS applet in the future.

For a long time, my country’s 5G messaging-related standard projects have been led by the three major operators.

The construction progress of the three major operators’ 5G messaging platforms varies, and China Mobile is the most advanced. On November 19, the 2020 China Mobile Global Partner Conference was held. China Mobile and ZTE took the lead in launching the world’s first 5G messaging platform. Previously, the three major operators have successively disclosed the bidding of 5G messaging system. The start of 5G messaging system construction marks that the implementation of 5G messaging has entered a substantial stage. The three major operators are expected to jointly announce the commercial use of 5G messaging at the end of the year.

At present, mobile phones of Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Samsung and other brands have passed the functional test of 5G news. Among them, many mobile phones of Xiaomi have supported China Mobile users to use 5G news. The mobile phone of China Mobile’s user version has been upgraded with 5G messaging function.

It is foreseeable that 5G messaging, as an important application scenario of 5G, will bring a new mode of human-computer interaction and build a new information service system. Wanlian Securities stated in a research report on October 18 that 5G news has entered a critical commercial window period, and the market size in 2021 is expected to exceed US$150 billion.

From an investment perspective, Huaan Securities released a research report on July 27 saying that 5G news has matured from operators to terminals. Although it will take time for users to develop their habits, the vigorous promotion of operators in the early stage will first drive the infrastructure layer, The performance of related companies at the MaaS platform layer exploded.

Pacific also stated in a research report on August 9 that the Maap platform is a key capability for 5G messaging, and ZTE (000063), which has the capability to build the Maap platform, and the co-developer Montnets Group (002123) are expected to benefit.

China Galaxy released a research report on November 20, saying that 5G news is expected to promote the comprehensive upgrade of operators’ SMS business, and the joint construction of a 5G news ecosystem with related industries is also expected to release huge industry service value space, thereby enhancing the profitability of related businesses of all parties. ability. It is recommended to pay attention to operators China Unicom (600050), platform equipment provider ZTE and related platform service providers Shenzhou Taiyue (300002) and Montnets Group, which benefit from the 5G messaging industry.
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