Three days from tomorrow, the cloud summit of 2020 world artificial intelligence conference will bloom in Shencheng. How does the flower of artificial intelligence bloom? To have a source of fresh water.

In the IT industry, the open source code referred to as “open source” is well known in the industry. Users can modify and learn based on the source code, programmers can secondary develop and utilize the source code, and ordinary end consumers also benefit from the open source system. For example, the open source software most familiar to non Apple mobile phone users is the Android operating system used every day. Meanwhile, the global developer ecosystem of Apple’s system layout is also very open.

Therefore, open source is not only a trend, but also one of the irresistible important trends in the development of global artificial intelligence. The reporter of Jiefang Daily Shangguan news learned that on the occasion of the world Artificial Intelligence Conference (waic), an open source and open alliance organization named after the host Shanghai city flower – Magnolia was born.

Controlling the open source ecology has become the focus of international industrial competition. In 2017, the State Council issued the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence, clearly taking “open source and openness” as one of the four guiding principles to promote the development and innovation of artificial intelligence technology and application. In the same year, Shanghai issued the implementation opinions on promoting the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence, accelerating the construction of Shanghai’s artificial intelligence highland of “innovative policy sources, application demonstration, system supply and talent accumulation”. The office of Shanghai artificial intelligence industry leading group prepared the action plan on building artificial intelligence Shanghai highland and building a first-class innovation ecology (2019-2021), focusing on “linking international resources and building an open source and open community platform”.

In order to better implement the national and local strategic deployment of open source and opening up of artificial intelligence and contribute to the construction of artificial intelligence highland in Shanghai, Shanghai Jiaotong University led the establishment of Shanghai Magnolia open source and opening Research Institute jointly with China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Peking University, machine heart, East China Normal University, open source society, Shanghai Institute of artificial intelligence Co., Ltd (known as “Magnolia open source”).

It is reported that at the cloud summit · Developer Day main forum of 2020 world Artificial Intelligence Conference on July 11, Mei Hong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of the Institute of artificial intelligence of Shanghai Jiaotong University, will explain the core concept of Magnolia open source with the theme of “participation, integration and ready to lead”, which comes from Peking University, Tongji University, East China Normal University, Huawei, Tencent, Ali, Intel Openi Council, machine heart, open source China and other professional representatives participated in the construction of open source community and ecology.

Jin Yaohui, chief engineer of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said: “open source opening is neither a new term nor a new action. In today’s era of artificial intelligence, open source opening is a powerful tool for the deep integration of AI and social development. In order to obtain the first mover advantage, the construction of open source and open ecology is very important.” a special event was held at the developer day main forum “Open source voice of China” round table, and plans to release an “open source development report of artificial intelligence” , based on the in-depth and extensive research on the development of international and domestic AI open source, combined with the relevant materials and data of authoritative departments and institutions, this paper carefully combs and summarizes the content categories of open source, and puts forward the development characteristics and construction suggestions of open source ecology.

According to Yang Xiaokang, executive vice president of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, at present, Shanghai Jiaotong University excavates the connotation of AI related disciplines, gathers internal and external forces and resources, and arranges 11 basic and cross cutting research centers. It includes: basic mathematics research center, machine cognitive computing research center, visual intelligence research center, intelligent voice and natural language processing research center, integrated circuit EDA Technology Research Center, operating system research center, intelligent connected vehicle research center, cloud side collaborative manufacturing research center, intelligent financial technology research center and artificial intelligence governance and law Research Center, Involving cutting-edge infrastructure, key technologies, application scenarios and governance rules, build an interdisciplinary, open and international research and cooperation platform.

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