·OSLON Black Flat X has outstanding brightness. It can generally reach the typical value of 460 lumens when the driving current is 1 A. It is the brightest led particle of automobile headlamp on the market;

·Ames OSRAM continues to promote brightness upgrading and provides customers with single-chip and dual chip models;

·By mid-2022, the product range will be further expanded to include a variety of multi chip models, enabling lamp manufacturers to achieve cost-effective LED headlamp design.

China, December 9, 2021 – AMS AG, the world’s leading optical solution supplier, will launch the brightest automotive front lighting LED on the market. Ames OSRAM is a market leader in the automotive LED field. Now it sends another strong signal to the industry through OSLON Black Flat X series. This metal bracket based product provides market-leading brightness and is specially developed for low beam and high beam solutions in cars.


OSLON Black Flat x is the brightest automotive headlamp led on the market, which can be used as a standard high beam and low beam solution for automotive front lighting. The picture shows the dual chip model of the component. (picture: Ames OSRAM)

With the continuous progress of new technology, automotive lighting is becoming more and more diversified, and the further development of LED technology opens up new possibilities. With minimal installation space and excellent brightness, LED technology allows manufacturers to design lighting solutions more flexibly. Philipp puchinger, marketing manager of automotive exterior decoration of Ames OSRAM, said: “the OSLON black flat product series has been used for high-quality and cost-effective headlamp design for many years, with excellent performance. With the appearance of two new products in the OSLON Black Flat X series, Ames OSRAM has once again demonstrated its innovative leadership in the field of automotive lighting.”

This product supports surface mount and can be manufactured directly using the manufacturer’s standard production process. In addition to the market leading brightness (up to 460 lumens at 1 a), the size of the single-chip model is extremely small, only 3.75 mm x 3.75 mm. OBf x uses a special QFN platform design, and customers can realize simple heat dissipation management. According to the specific system used, the size of the radiator can be greatly reduced, or even there is no need for the radiator at all. OSLON Black Flat X series adopts metal support structure, which can achieve lower thermal resistance (RTH) than ceramic packaging commonly used in the market today. Coupled with the special TiO2 sealing coating, the black package of LED can provide 1:200 high contrast. In addition, this series of products can provide very uniform colors from different perspectives.

The OSLON Black Flat X series will now be available in single-chip and dual chip models. By mid-2022, multiple multi chip models will be added.

The number of LED based automotive lighting solutions will continue to grow steadily. A variety of products (such as OSLON Black Flat X of Ames OSRAM) will help LEDs further penetrate the market. (picture: Ames OSRAM)

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